Thursday, October 25, 2007

So I decided to the look alike meter and see who Ryken looks like. And I just had to laugh when I got the results. Oh and by the way I am so bored if you couldn't tell. Justin is sleeping and so is Ryken. I should probably do something around the house but guess what I am lazy too. :) ENJOY!

4 months old!

Well Ryken is now 4 months old. It seems like yesterday that I was in the hospital having him. But I have enjoyed all 4 months so far and look forward to many more months with him. And especially getting to see him grow up and learn all kinds of fun new stuff. We took him to the doctor for his 4 month checkup on Monday. He did really good for the most part. He had to get 4 shots and he didn't like that to much. He screamed when he was getting poked but as soon as it was over and I picked him up he just fussed a little. He also got weighed. He now is a whopping 16 pounds 4 ounces. And his length now is 25 inches. So needless to say he is a big boy! But that is okay with us just as long as he is a healthy one. I am so happy being a mother. It is what I have dreamed of since I was little. And to have such a happy baby is wonderful. He loves to smile and is now starting to giggle a bit too. Makes me smile. I just LOVE being his mommy.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Family trip to California

So at the beginning of this week we took a quick trip to Cali with some of my family. It included 3 of my brothers and their families as well as my mom and dad and an aunt. We had lots of fun! We got to visit Disneyland and California Adventure. As well as Knottsberry Farm. The weather was nice but still kinda hot. But it was just nice to get away for a few days. We know Ryken won't be able to remember any of it but thinking back I think that the trip was really more for me. I LOVE Disneyland and so we just had to go. :)