Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mother Nature's Farm...

We got the chance to go back to Mother Nature's Farm again this year to pick up a pumpkin and for the boys to get to enjoy some fun at the little pumpkin patch and the farm too. Justin's sister Jessica and her 2 boys came with us as well as Justin's parents. So it was great to have more there to enjoy it with.

They have this cute pumpkin sign that the kids can stand by every year to see how much they have grown over the year.

Here was Ryken and he has grown a little since last year, I should of tried to get the other picture from last year up to compare. :)

And this year Cy got a chance too. And he was so excited about it. :)

Cy LOVED getting to run around outside so much!

My 2 little loves...and some pumpkins. :)

Ryken and his cousin Tristan posing on the tractor...

Cy and Kase getting their turn. :)

They all loved the little chickens. And of course Cy was the crazy one that kept sticking his fingers in the cage. So glad that he didn't get his finger pecked to hard.

They have some animals on the farm that you can see and if you can get them to come close enough touch them too. :) One of the pigs there had just had little piglets the day before. Here is one of them that the guy picked up and brought over for us to see. It was SO cute.

And here was the momma pig and some of the other piglets. She had 11 of them!

Ryken and Tristan trying to make their way thru the hay maze. They really enjoyed this and went a few times thru it.

Ryken picking out his little pumpkin...

And Cy with his. Ok this picture is horrible but he wouldn't hold still to get a good one. As soon as he picked up the pumpkin he threw it right down like it was a little ball. So this was mid through kinda of. :)

Deciding what letters to put on his pumpkin. I am pretty sure he used all of them. He LOVES letters...crazy boy! :)

Decorating away. :)
It was lots of fun getting out with family to do something fun. I love when we get to do stuff like this. I just wish it was more fall like weather around here. My poor boys are going to sweat like crazy in their Halloween costumes!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So this guy that I LOVE tons, and I am crazy about him (and sometimes he makes me go crazy) :) well he had a Birthday awhile back. Yep awhile back, well how about a little over a month ago! Well yes I am way behind and now I am trying to get back on track. Well for his birthday I was wanting to try and do something fun and different since he was turning the big 30! But I didn't get to plan anything like that cause of all our crazy mishaps at the new house. Oh well! I did do something different though... I made him an apple pie! He loves apple pie so I got adventuious and made one. He said it was good. Here it is with a huge slice missing cause he couldn't wait till we sang happy birthday that night. :)

We got out to dinner on his birthday with us and the boys and his sister and her family. It was lots of fun! And after dinner we came home to open presents.

Got himself a new shirt and a new DVD. :) Oh and that yummy apple pie. :)

Ryken and I decorated his car for him too. I wanted him to be all embarrassed to drive it to work. I think it may have worked. :)

That weekend we also got to go out to dinner with our best buddies the Lee's. We ALWAYS have tons of fun with them.

Me and the Birthday boy!!

Gina and Kameron

I am so glad we have them as friends! They really are the best. So bummed we both moved recently and now we live even farther apart!! That better not stop us from getting to see them though. :) (I'm sure it won't since we have some of their furniture. ) :)

Me and Gina. ( I really shouldn't take pictures with my cute friends anymore. They make me look that much worse. )
Justin's parents watched the boys for us when we went out. So when we got back home he opened the present from his parents. He got a really nice Golf Polo.

Being a cheeseball showin it off. :)

I can't help but love my hubby!! Happy LATE 30th Birthday!! XOXO!