Wednesday, November 11, 2009

5 months...

Wow, almost half a year old! My little Cy guy is getting up there. :) We are still enjoying all the joy he has been bringing to our family. Things are still about the same when it comes to his being fussy alot. But he also gets in alot of smiles and laughs too thru out the days. Which make us all smile and giggle.

He has started rolling over from his back to his belly, only one way so far. And then gets stuck on his belly and pretty much freaks out. So hopefully his next trick will be learning how to roll from his belly back to his back.

He is pretty obsessed with his toes and playing with them alot. He also likes to get in a little bit of fun playing with his rattle.

And he concentrates on it very hard. And he still curls up his toes like daddy too. :) We gave him some of his first tastes of Rice cereal this past month too and this is pretty much what he thought of it...

:) It isn't his favorite, and he for sure hasn't taken to eating it as well as Ryken did for the first time. But we are still working on it.

He is also likes to play with his tongue quite a bit and is always munching on his fingers or ours if we let him.

He is also getting pretty darn good at sitting up for a little bit by himself. So we are going to keep trying extra hard at that cause it seems to make him the happiest. I think he just wants to see what is going on all the time. All I know is the past 5 months have flown by pretty darn fast for us. And like I said before we are enjoying all the laughs and smiles we get from our chunky little guy every day. :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 09

We had a great Halloween this year. By far the funnest so far because Ryken was pretty much loving it. We had to do a little convincing at first to get him to wear his costume. But once he heard that he would get lots of candy when he wore his costume, he was all for it. :) And it was also fun to get to see how cute both Ryken and Cy were in their costumes.

Ryken "the bat"

Cy "the giraffe"

We were able to get out and do 2 Trunk or Treats. We went to our ward party on Friday and played games and Ryken got to go around and get lots of candy with his cousin Tristan. He of course loved everything about it.

Here they were relaxing after all the walking around getting candy.

Cy stayed behind and helped me pass out candy to all the other adorable trick or treaters.

Then on Saturday we got to go out to Maricopa for the 3rd year in a row and do some more fun Trunk or Treating with our friends the Lee's. It was lots of fun to get to take Ryken and Porter around and see how much fun they had.

Ryken with his friend Porter "Peter Pan".

And Cy with Anastyn "Tinkerbell"

And finally an adorable picture of both of my little guys all tired out from a long evening of fun, friends and lots of candy. Thanks Lee's for inviting us out there again this year. We always have so much fun with you guys. :) Until next Halloween.