Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I have alot to be thankful for. But over the past few days I have just been thinking how thankful I am for the people I have in my life. Especially these two...

My husband and son are 2 of the best things that have happened to me thus far. I don't know what I would do with out my hubby and ALL the love he shows me. And how he takes care of me in so many ways. Thanks Justin for being you and loving me. I am also so thankful for this smile...

Because lets face it it brings a smile to my face and maybe yours too. : ) And over the past few weeks lets just say I have not been myself. : ) And he is always the one to bring a smile to my face. And always the one that has a kiss to share with me. Thanks Ryken for being my little man and making me the happiest mommy! I am also thankful for my family and extended family. I have so many people to love and I love that. So I hope at this time you all have lots to be thankful for too. And have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekend away from home...

Now that Justin is back to his regular work schedule and has had some chance for some Overtime, Ryken and I decided to make a trip up to visit my parents in Woodruff. Plus my good friend was getting married so I wanted to go up for her reception. It was just a bonus that we got to spend time with my parents too. : ) We started our trip a little later than I wanted on Friday. And I was hoping that Ryken was going to be at least somewhat good on the way up but I guess I expected to much of him. He fussed and wined most of the way up. So once we got to Payson I decided I would get him and myself an ice cream cone. I figured it would keep him some what quiet for a little bit. Well it did keep him occupied and quiet but also made a bit of a mess of him. : )

I have given him my ice cream cones once I have eaten most of it, leaving him like a little more than half the cone but never his own ice cream cone. And I guess you can tell. He did pretty good at first but then I looked back and he had taken a bite out of the bottom of the cone. And the ice cream of course got all over him. : ) But he enjoyed every last bite of that ice cream.

Then Saturday afternoon I got to meet up with one of my best friends Brianna Brimhall and have lunch with her and our little guys. Then afterwards we went and meet up with another best friend Kiri Woodside to see her new little guy.

We had lots of fun catching up like always. And it was of course lots of fun to talk about all of our mommy stuff and just being with our adorable little guys! I love these girls and wish I lived alot closer so we could have more fun times together. Later that night I got to go to another friends wedding reception. And it was great to see her and see how beautiful she was in her wedding dress and so happy with her husband. And of course I forgot to take pictures! : (

While we were there so was my brother Bo and his family. So we got to spend time with them too. And Ryken and his cousin Cordd got to play together and seemed to have a good time. Cordd is so nice to Ryken and loves to share his stuff.

Here he is sharing his sucker with Ryken. And as you can tell Grandma was so proud of him for being such a nice cousin. I am sure these two will get in to lots of trouble as they grow up. But hopefully will be the best of cousins too. The weather up there was kinda chilly at night but it was nice and cool during the day. Ryken loved getting to go outside and play with all the cousins that were there. Here he is just running around all happy at Grandma and Grandpa Baker's house. We had lots of fun like always. And once I got home I told myself man I should have stayed an extra day. : ) So thanks as always Mom and Dad for a great weekend. And don't worry Justin said we can still come visit even after all of Ryken's mishaps while we were there. : )

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Late Halloween Post...

Well I have been MIA this past week cause we had some computer problems. We had to get a new computer this week because of it. Which was not what we were planning for but oh well stuff like that happens sometimes right? Plus I was having Blogging with drawls so Justin was nice enough to let us get a new one sooner than later. : ) But before our computer died on us we had a great Halloween night with our great friends the Lee's. We decided to make the trip out to Maricopa to go to their ward Trunk or Treat. And we had a great time with them. Our little guys seemed to have a good time too. And they were so darn cute in their little costumes. : )
Ryken was Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. And Porter was Batman. I loved Ryken's costume and am so glad that my wonderful sister-in-law Lori let me borrow it from her. I thought he was the cutest little Eeyore Donkey I have ever seen. : ) Here he is showing us his cute little face. : ) I was so surprised that he kept the head on the whole night. I really didn't think that would happen but am sure glad he did. Cause it made the costume for sure. : )As did the cute little pinned on donkey tail. Just like the real Eeyore's. So cute we had to get a picture of it too. : ) Oh and Gina decided the night before that she wanted us to dress up. So she had the bright idea for us to be 80's workout girls. I have to say it was fun dressing up but she looked way better than me. Like always. : ) We had almost as much fun as the boys. Even though our husbands didn't really want to claim us with our bright pink lipstick. : )
By the end of the night Ryken was pretty sure he didn't want to go around and get any more candy. I gave up on him before we even made our way around the parking lot. I had to carry the darn donkey cause he wouldn't hold my hand once he was on the ground walking. So I gave up too. But he did make out with some good candy.

Had to get a picture of mommy and son dressed up in their Halloween best. : ) You love the blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick don't you? :) Once the party was over we headed back to the Lee's to hangout. And our poor boys didn't get to sleep till like 10 that night. But I think Porter could have stayed up all night. That boy was bouncing off the walls after all his candy and cotton candy. : ) But they seemed to have some fun together. As did we with the other grown ups.
The next night we had gotten invited to a Halloween party that was being thrown by some of Justin's co-workers. We had fun there too. They said costumes were a must so we were able to borrow some of my brother Bo's baseball get-ups and became...
our own little baseball duo with our little mascot donkey Eeyore. :) So all in all we had a great Halloween. And hope everyone else did too.