Monday, June 22, 2009

The past week and a half...

has been a little roller coaster. Well some days it was a little one and other days it was a big one, but mostly little. Thank goodness. : )

The boys have gotten to sleep a little, one sleeps a little more and a little better sometimes then the other. But they have both been sleeping pretty good. Cy's favorite spot to sleep is in the boppy pillow. Hopefully the bassinet will become a favorite soon too. : )

Ryken even started sleeping in his big boy bed. With the help of daddy's encouragement. He has done really good. Lets just hope he keeps it up when its mommy that has to put him down for nap and bed time.

There has also been alot of awake time too...

OH and lots of noise at our house lately too. I think Cy is already taking after his brother and maybe a little screamer too.

And on those days when it feels like the day has been a big roller coaster ride, Ryken has spent plenty of time in his time out corner...Not that it really does a whole lot of good these days. Cause he is for sure starting his terrible two's. Right on time I guess. But he has also been such a great helper. He loves his little baby Cy and always has to tell him Hi. Usually screaming it at him. And loves to give him hugs and kisses when its nap time and bed time. So lets hope that continues.

He even wanted to help out with his feeding too. : )But we are just glad that he is loving his new little brother so much. The nice part about this past week and a half is the fact that Justin has been at home to help out. Not sure what Ryken will do now that Justin is back at work. I am really not sure what any of us are going to do. Lets just hope I survive. : ) We also had some more extra help from one of the best baby helpers ever...
Grandma Baker! We were so glad she was able to come down and stay with us for a few days and nights. Not sure who is going to miss her more me or Ryken. : ) Thanks mom for coming down and helping out, even though I know you really came to see Ryken and Cy. But whatever it takes. : ) LOVE YOU! And I love my 3 boys too, Justin, Ryken and Cy.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

He's Here...

Cy Brent Buchberger
Born June 10th @9:44pm
7lbs 11ounces 20 inches long

Well I got my wish and our little guy got here a little earlier than his expected due date. All went well and I will try and get a post up of all the little details later. Just wanted to share a few pics first of him and his brother and our little family of 4. : )

Ryken checking to make sure Cy has all 10 toes. : )And our cute little family of 4! Love my boys!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tolmachoff Farms Family Farm Day...

This past weekend we went to Tolmachoff Farm in Glendale to their family farm day. It was a pretty fun afternoon, up until the very end when Ryken had a major meltdown. But other that that part it was great. Ryken seemed to have a good time and got to see lots of different animals and Justin and I got some walking in that I was hoping would help with having this baby but hasn't seemed to do any good yet. : )

I think he also enjoyed just being outside when the weather wasn't to hot, and so did mom and dad.

There was a little slide there that he went on a few times...

but I guess it didn't thrill him as much as the other slides he tested out at the park we went to a few weeks ago. : ) I wanted to get a few pics of him and Justin with their heads in the veggie cut outs but Ryken couldn't quite figure it out and wouldn't look thru the hole at me.

Then when we tried to get him to do it he practically choked himself.

And the boys decided to take a lap around the little track they had there on the little peddle cars.
After all this fun, about 3 minutes later was the major meltdown. So we proceeded to the car and ended our fun day at the farm and headed home for a much needed nap for the little guy.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Old roomates/Great friends...

So there are these 4 girls that I use to live with, and they have become some of my best friends. We always got along when we lived together and had some great times. And once we all went our separate ways we still stayed in contact with each other and would get together and do dinner every once in awhile. And we still do now, and we still have the best time catching up when we are together. And now one of them is moving to Chicago. : ( so we had to get together one last time to see each other and catch up on everything . And of course it was great to talk with all of them but even better to see them all.

One of our last dinner outings we had a great time and I never got around to adding the pics. So here they are...

Thanks B's for being some of the greatest friends and old roommates a girl could ask for. We will miss you while you are in Chicago Tiff and hope the next 3 years go by fast for all of us. : )

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Great weekend...

This past weekend was pretty darn great if you ask me. One of the best things about it is that I got to hang out with all of my brother's and their families as well as my parents. And we had a great time. Of course I forgot to take pictures for most of the weekend but needless to say we still had a great time.

Friday my parents were nice enough to watch all of the younger kids so the adults and older kids could go to the Diamondbacks game. It was a good time except for the fact that the D-backs lost (again) and that my ankles started to swell up alot that night. But we all had fun either way. On Saturday night we all got together again to go to our little brother Deak and his new wife Emily's wedding reception. We were able to get a new family picture since we were all here and all dressed up. : ) And of course I had to be the one that was big pregnant this time around. Oh well.

We got a little snap shot of our little family of 3, which pretty soon here will be a family of 4! : )The cute, happy couple cutting the cake. Mother and Son dancing together. Just a cute little pic of our handsome little man. : ) He carried that flower around alot that night. He really is a strange one sometimes. But still so darn adorable too. (Oh and Thanks to Justin for taking most of these pictures. I was being a lazy bum and sitting down for most of the time since my ankles were again swollen.)

I thought it would be funny to take a picture with me and all my brothers showing off our "Baker Bellies." I didn't know it was going to be such a production, all I wanted was a quick picture of all of us with our bellies since mine is pretty much really noticeable now days. : )

Here we all were with our bellies. : ) And then I guess the guys wanted to show some skin, so they proceeded to lift up their shirts and show some skin, and my dad wanted to get in on the action too. We all got a good laugh out of it, as well as a few of the guests at the reception. Sorry Deak and Emily if we made a fool of ourselves at your reception. : )

Then on Sunday it was another great family day out at Jared and Lori's place. And it was also my birthday! It was great getting to spend it out there with family. And my mom made me my favorite cake to enjoy with everyone too. Of course I didn't get any pictures taken.

On Monday my mom was nice enough to stay an extra day and come over to our place and watch Ryken for us. So we were able to go out on a little date for my birthday. And we also got to go with our good friends, the Lee's. We enjoyed a movie and dinner, and of course great company. And again I didn't take pictures. But I did get a cute on of Ryken and my mom before she left.

Thanks again mom for sticking around the extra time and watching our little guy so we could get out at least one last time before our next little guy gets here. : ) Which by the way I guess is going to be a little longer. We went to the Dr. again on Tuesday and we haven't progressed much. So maybe he doesn't want to get here as early as his brother did. Only time will tell. Until then we are still pregnant, and still waiting to meet our 2nd little man.