Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My little model.

I really wish that I had been better about getting Ryken's pictures taken by professionals every month. But I haven't the only ones that we have are his one month pictures and also some he got taken with his cousin when he was 4 almost 5 months old. So the other day I decided I wanted a new picture of him. So we went to good ol' JC Penney and got them done. He did so good too. I was kinda worried since he was really fussy last time we went with his cousin. And to make it even better he can sit up now! So the pics are that much better since he isn't layin on his belly in all the pics or sitting on something silly to make it look like he was sitting up. : ) I am hoping that I can try to get some more done of him every month but we will see how that goes over with the daddy of the house. :) Any ways here are some of the pics we got taken. We didn't order all of them cause there was to many to choose. But he looks so cute,adorable and handsome in all of them. :) What can I say I am a proud mommy.

Sitting up like a big boy now days! And I just love the little bit of slobber that is in the corner of his mouth. : )

I just can't get enough of his big grin! I could just eat him up. :)

Trying to look like an even bigger boy by standing up. Well with the help of mommy. :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Dentists...I don't like them!

Okay so I have been putting it off and putting it off for the last few months. Going to the dentist. I do not like the dentist and I never have. I have such bad teeth and so I am always hesitant to even go for the 6 month check ups. Well today I had a check up and cleaning. They finally hunted me down and called me to make an appt. And Justin said I HAD TO GO! I have been complaining for the past few days that I didn't want to go. Cause I knew that they were going to find something wrong and have to fix it. Last time I went I was pregnant so they weren't able to take any x-rays. Well not so lucky this time around. They took the x-rays and of course they found some cavities. My dad once said that dentists love us cause once they see us open our mouths they see a gold mine since we have such horrible teeth. :) And there wasn't just one cavity there were 4! And thank goodness one of them they had done before so I wasn't charged for it. But can't say the same thing for the other 3. So of course I was just hoping to go in for a cleaning and then leave but that never happens for me. So after all of it was said and done I had 4 shots in my mouth and 4 fillings put in. I never want to go back. And of course after every cleaning I always tell myself that I need to be better about eating less candy and drinking less soda. But it never happens. And I need to put a reminder up on my mirror to FLOSS EVERYDAY! And if I do this then maybe I will have a better time next time. DOUBT THAT!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

7 months old!

WOW, time really does go by fast. And these past 7 months have gone by extremely fast. Its still hard to believe sometimes that we have a baby. But then I am reminded every time he fusses and cries. But especially when he laughs and smiles at me. I am so thankful for our little boy and all the joy he brings to Justin and I. Ryken is such a fun baby. He has the best smile and I can't get over his chubby cheeks and his roles on his arms. And his BIG BLUE eyes just make me melt. He is such a big boy and I am reminded of this every time I go out in public and people ask me how old he is and when I respond almost 7 months old. They are quick to say Wow he is such a big boy. And one lady even told me he was FAT. I was kinda hurt by that but I know he is just a cute chubby boy. And I love it. He started holding his bottle a little bit better recently which has made things a little easier. But he now wants to roll over while drinking his bottle and since he does that he starts screaming when nothing is coming out. SO I have to roll him back over and put the bottle back in his mouth. I hope that day comes soon when he can learn to just keep rolling over instead of getting stuck on his belly and fussing. He has become very attached to his mom and dad too. Which I am not enjoying much. He even fusses when my mom and dad try to hold him. Which makes for a great time when I ask if they are willing to watch him for us while we go to watch a movie. But of course them being the great grandparents they are do it even if he is screaming bloody murder. ( Thanks mom and dad) I know that this will pass and when it does it will make those times a whole lot better. I am just going to try to enjoy these next few months before he actually starts to get mobile and get in to things. I will just keep telling myself that. :) I love my little chunky monkey with all my heart and can't wait to see what is in store for all of us in the future. : )

Here he is trying to fit his square block in to his mouth. I just love his little sausage fingers.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Teeth...Where are his?

Okay so don't get me wrong I love this little guys toothless grin but for the past few weeks he has been extremely fussy. And especially at night. He just cries and cries. And then even fusses during the night. I feel so bad for him cause there is no way of really knowing what makes him feel better. I have given him Motrin a few nights before bed which sometimes helps and then during the day I have tried the teething tablets. I have some baby orajel which I haven't really tried yet but it may be happening sooner then later. I just wish I knew for sure that he was going to get his teeth soon. Then I would know that this is the real reason that he has been so fussy lately. Everyone that I have talked to says that more then likely that is what is happening. So time will tell. :) OH and he has this pretty bad rash on his face from all the slobbering that he has been doing. With his triple chin it gets all soggy and now there is a rash. :) Poor guy. For the most part he is still his happy little self and smiles for most people. But when he is tired on top of all of this he is not the happy camper that I love so much. So maybe I will have some news of a tooth here pretty soon. :)

p.s. It looks like I am pinching him in this picture but I promise I am not. He is just really ticklish on his neck so that is what I was doing. : )

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Future Police Officer???

I had seen this picture once of this little boy with a Police Mans hat on and all the little guy was wearing was his diaper and a smile. And I fell in love with the picture. And I thought to myself that it would be so fun to take a picture of Ryken like that too. But at the time he couldn't sit up by himself. So I kept the thought in my mind. And now that he can sit up I got my wish. We had a little photo session the other night after Justin went to work. I get bored sometimes when he leaves so I decided the time was good to try for those pics. And Ryken was even in an okay mood to take a few shots with me. I had fun. I wish he would have smiled but I just couldn't get him to. But atleast he isn't screaming. :)

Okay so I am not really keen on the thought of Ryken following in his daddy's footsteps and becoming a police officer when he grows up. Justin would have to disagree with me I am sure. But I do have to say that at this stage he makes a pretty darn looking kiddy cop. What do you think?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ringing in the new year

For New Year's Eve this year we spent it with some great friends. Kameron and Gina Lee and their little guy Porter. We had lots of fun out at their house. We were able to spend it with them last year too. Last year we were both prego with our little guys and this year it was extra fun to have them with us. And we even got a few pics taken before it was Porter's bedtime. Gina made some yummy mexican food and we had great snacks. But more than anything it was just nice to get to have a normal adult conversation with her istead of just talking to a 6 month old. :) We always have fun with them and are so grateful to have awesome friends like them.

Porter and Ryken playing on the floor. I was keeping my fingers crossed that Ryken would take a few tips from watching Porter roll all over the floor and suprise us with doing it himself. But nope he still just gets stuck on his belly and screams. :)

Our cute little guys.

On new years day we had our duties to take care of. We decided to take all of the Christmas stuff down and put it away. It took us awhile this year with having our little guy and tryin to take care of his needs. But we eventually got it all done. Thank goodness. I love Christmas time but I have to say it is nice to have the space back that the tree took up. :) We also went out to dinner that night and also rented a movie. Justin actually let me pick the movie. We rented Waitress. It was a pretty cute and good movie.

2007 has been a great year. And the best thing of all was starting off our little family with Ryken being born and us becoming parents.

We are so blessed. And I am looking forward to what 2008 has in store for us. :)

He LOVES to eat. :)

We got Ryken's high chair put together finally. Well I guess we can't say we. Justin actually put it together after me buggin him time after time. And may I say I love the highchair. And so does Ryken. We were just using his Bumbo chair to feed him until we got the chair and put it together. Feeding is so much easier for me and Ryken now. And Justin too whenever he feeds him which may I say is not that often. :) And he is sitting up so good in it too. Well sometimes are better then others. So I just wanted to show off how cute he looks in his high chair. So ENJOY!

See can't you tell that he loves his food. He just wants it NOW! Give me, Give me. :)