Friday, October 24, 2008

Friends over to play...

Today Ryken got to have a friend over to play for a few hours. Our friends Gina and Kameron asked us if we could watch their little guy Porter for awhile while they got some things done that would be easier done with out a little one there with them. So we were up for the challenge. : ) But it wasn't a challenge at all. Only our kid like always. : ) Ryken and Porter ended up playing pretty good together. There was a few times that they didn't want to share the toys and they both decided they would rather drink the others sippy cup instead of their own. But nothing to major. We decided to get out of the house for a little while and go play in the backyard since it was nice out. The boys seemed to have a good time playing with the basketball and football. Well Ryken decided to go and stand by one of the trees and watch Porter and Justin play around with the football. Well after awhile he started fussing. At first I thought he was just being a stink pot cause he didn't want to walk in the rocks. But I was looking a little closer and saw something on his leg. So I ran over to him and there was like 50 little ants crawling all over his legs and shoes. They were biting him! I grabbed him and had to hit all the ants off of him and take his shoes off. And this is was the result on one of his legs... (the bites are kinda hard to see but they are there.)

Both of his legs got bitten and I was a bit surprised that he didn't cry about it more. But he actually was ready to go back and play some more. (Oh and I went and got some ant killer and sprayed the crap out of those stupid things. : ) ) Ryken and Porter had a little fun running after the balls and just being outside.

I guess here Ryken was trying to get away from Porter before he got the ball. : )Porter looks like a little football player here. Running with the ball to make a touchdown. : )I guess Ryken got tired of playing ball so he decided to use it as a little seat to rest on. : )

After we were outside for awhile we went in for a little snack. And after that I was trying to find something to keep them entertained for a little longer. So we found Ryken's ball popper machine.

And lets just say they sure liked it. It was one thing that they could both play together. And not get to upset with each other. And they thought it was fun that they could chase the balls that popped out of it. : ) Oh to be a little kid again and be so entertained by the littlest things.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Its been 4 years!

Today it has been 4 years since Justin and I got married. I can still remember us coming out of the Snowflake Temple to see our family and friends waiting for us. And I can still remember how happy I was that day to finally have him for my husband, and how happy I am still to have him as my hubby. It is so crazy how the time has gone by that fast. These past 4 years have sure had there ups and downs. But we have made it thru all of it. And sometimes it still surprises me that he has stuck it out with me this long. :) And he has eternity to go. :) I truly have been blessed so much to have a husband like Justin. That is so kind and understanding and is willing to do almost anything to make me happy and us happy as well.
So thanks Justin for the past 4 years and all love that you have given me! I truly can't wait to spend Eternity with you!
(Sorry bout the fuzzy picture, had to take a picture of a picture. : ) ghetto I know.)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Digging for gold... : )

Ryken has started doing something that I really wish he wouldn't do. And he seems to be getting in the habit of doing it even when I tell him NO. But then again he still does anything that I tell him No. That's just kids right or is it just mine?
The thing that I always finding him doing is PICKING HIS NOSE! I hate it! I don't want my kid to be the little kid that picks his nose and eats whatever he gets out. It hasn't gotten to that point yet. But I don't want it to get there. How can I get him to stop? We were with my family the other day and I wanted to get a picture of Ryken with my brother Deak. This is what I got cause he wouldn't take his finger out of his nose!

So Deak thinking it was funny decided he wanted me to take this picture...Ryken isn't really picking his nose in it but his hand is still up to his nose like it seems to be always. Someone HELP! What is a mom to do? :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nice Jugs...

Ryken is currently obsessed with taking out every bottle, cup or box out of the recycle and walking around with them thru the house. Last night it was pretty funny though. Cause he decided to get out two of the biggest things in there. Which was 2 milk jugs. He proceeded to carry them around for awhile and we were cracking up watching him with the jugs in his little hands. And he thought it was just fun to carry them around. Well whatever will make him happy for a little bit of time is fine with me since it wasn't hurting anyone. Just probably bugging daddy a little bit. : )

I told him to drink the milk and this is what he did...

It was so darn funny and cute! I love when he is his happy little self. Sure brings smiles to mommy and daddy's faces. : )

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Good times with the "B's"...

Thanks "B's" for being the coolest, funnest, most beautiful "B's" I know. I am so lucky to have great friends like you gals! I always know when we get together (which should be more often) that we will have great conversations and so much fun catching up. You are all the GREATEST friends a girl could ask for...
LOVE YA B's!!!
ps Thanks Michelle for having a baby so we could get together for your shower. : )

Friday, October 10, 2008


If you have read any of my previous posts you will know that my son does not like to ware shoes. And now that he is walking we figure he should learn how to get use to shoes anyways. It has been a struggle. I never really worried or cared about it before because he couldn't walk so no real need for shoes, it was HOT outside and so it was okay that he didn't ware shoes cause again he couldn't walk so he wouldn't need shoes for the hot ground or cement. Oh and we let him walk around in Disneyland and Knottsberry Farm without shoes.

Does that make us bad parents? We would occasionally put some little flip flops on him just cause they were cute. But he HATED them too. Another problem with it is his feet are kinda chubby. And he is a stinker and always curls up his toes when I try to put his shoes on. Well we got a pair of shoes for him that we have been trying to be better about putting on him when we go out and sometimes when we are at home. Well he HATES them just like any other shoes. But once he figures out that they are staying on he will just start walking around in them. ( He is still a little wobbly with the shoes on and walking) But yesterday I found him sitting on the floor trying to get them off.

They are the velcro type ones so if he figures it all out then he may learn how to take them off. But he has yet to figure it out.Now he saw that I see he is trying to get them off. I told him no and to leave them alone and I got this...He wasn't to happy with me that I wouldn't help him take them off. But he got over it and was his happy little self again...I am really hoping that as time goes by he will learn to like the shoes. Cause really I don't want him to just ware socks all the time to walk around in especially since it is finally getting cooler. Because really what kind of parent would I be then? : )

Wednesday, October 8, 2008



Gossip Girl- So high school I know but I still love it.
Jon and Kate Plus 8, I love that she is such a great mom and tells it like it is.
The Hills- Again I know high school but again I still love it.
America's Next Top Model- Wishing that I could have done that years ago. : )
Dateline shows- I love all the solving the mystery type shows.
Say Yes to the Dress- I love seeing all the different style wedding dresses.
Grays Anatomy- I just can't get enough of the drama in the hospital. : )
The Rachel Zoe Project- Wishing I could have all the fun awesome clothes she has!


Pei Wei
Red Robin
Ned's Crazy Subs
Boston Market


Did Laundry
Gave Ryken a Bath
Took a shower
Got ready for the day
Made a little fall decoration thing to put by the front door.
Played with Ryken
Went with Justin to his Physical Therapy appt.
Got Ryken a cute pair of Levi's from Savers!


Friday to hang out with Gina
Saturday to see my brother Mickey and his family. And hopefully see the "B's" at Michelle's baby shower.
Cooler weather
Justin's knee getting better so he can go back to his REAL job.
Hopefully moving out of this house before to long!


To move SOON!
To get a vehicle that we both agree on. : )
To be able to afford to go back to Disneyland.
For Ryken to be okay about wearing shoes.
Another band to go with my wedding ring. : )
To live closer to family.
For gas prices to back DOWN.
To be able to go spend a week with my parents and get to see and hang out with some of my best friends in Snowflake.


I am going to kinda cheat on this... and just say anyone that wants to do this feel free. It was kinda fun!

Friday, October 3, 2008

California Trip...


We are back from another trip to California. And we had another fun and enjoyable time with family. I guess that's the way to go on vacation trips now. :) This time around we went with some of my family. And I really wish that all of my brothers could have been there for the trip too. But we missed Mickey and Kelly and their girls and Deak too.
We finally left on Saturday around 3. And arrived in Cali at our hotel a little after 9. We of course had to stop a few times for the little ones, and to stuff our faces with some dinner. And it was a pretty good trip until like about an hour and a half from our hotel. That is when Ryken decided he couldn't make up his mind up. He was so tired but was fighting sleep so instead he just screamed and cried for about an hour. (Sorry Dad) But he did sleep good that night which was great for us.

On Sunday we were just going to have a relaxing day at the beach. We had lots of fun even though it was kinda chilly that day. Some of the guys were brave enough to get in the cold water. I decided to try and get Ryken in the water. And we had a little fun but weren't crazy enough to get in the water all the way.

Ryken and I just played a little in the waves that came up on shore. I didn't think that he would really like the water that much but he LOVED it.

And he kept making his way back to the water. He also just enjoyed being outside and taking little walks with Justin on the beach...

My dad had lots of fun playing in the water with the older boys and also with the younger boys.

We also had to take a little stroll as a family. We had a good time at the beach and then we all went to eat afterwards. But Ryken couldn't make it to the restaurant.

All the fun at the beach wore him out and he took a little nap on the way to lunch.

On Monday we spent the day in California Adventure. That place is pretty fun and there are some fun rides there. We were all able to finally talk my parents in to going on Hollywood Tower of Terror. And they both liked it just like all the rest of us. I decided to forgo the Rapids ride this year and I am glad I did. Everyone got soaked on the ride. Just like I did last year. One of the first things we did that day at the park was go and watch the Playhouse Disney show. Ryken loves to watch Playhouse Disney and so do his cousins. So I was looking forward to seeing this with him. And he was so good thru the whole thing. He just kept watching all the characters and dancing every time the theme songs for the shows would play.

His favorite is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. And they also had Handy Manny as well as, My Friends Tigger and Pooh.

After the show we made our way out to the park. Ryken was able to ride a few rides there and we had a little fun with him on some of the "kiddie" rides.

Grandma got to take him on his first official carousel ride. And she said he wasn't to sure about the ride. But at least he wasn't crying so I think it was okay. :)

On Tuesday we made our way to "The Happiest Place On Earth" Disneyland! We of course had a fun time there too. While we were at the parks it was record breaking heat in that part of California. So we didn't get much of a break from the hot weather. But it did make it better that we were able to go on The Pirates Of The Carribean ride a few times to cool off. We also ran into a few characters while we were there. And a most of them were dressed up since its "Halloween Time" there.

Ryken was pretty much in awe of the characters. He would just stare at all of them for the most part. But didn't scream which I was afraid he might do. He even gave Mickey Mouse a kiss on the nose. :)

Grandma and Grandpa got in on the fun with the Tigger and Pooh while Justin and I were riding Splash Mountain. One of mine and my moms favorite rides at Disneyland is the Tea Cups and Ryken got to join in on the fun this year with a tea cup ride with Justin, my mom and me.He was trying to turn the wheel before the ride started. And once the ride started he couldn't really hold on. But he did have a fun ride. Here is a little video I took of us while we were on the Tea Cups.

Don't you think he was having a good time?

We had a little fun in ToonTown too. Maybe we had a little to much fun because guess what?...

Justin and Ryken got thrown in the ToonTown Jail. :) Don't worry I bailed them out.

Wednesday we made our way to one of all of our favorites Knottsberry Farm. It is alot of fun for the adults because we all love the roller coasters. I love that both of my parents still love to ride them too. And it was fun for the little ones too cause of the oh so great "Camp Snoopy" with all the "kiddie" rides. And again Justin and I got to join Ryken on some of those rides.

He liked this ride. Every time the car would go around the corners he would just laugh. :)If you look close you can see my big head way up in the air on the camp bus with Ryken.This ride was not his favorite. He kept his eyes closed for all the crazy spinning it did.He liked this ride too. He was just a little disappointed that he couldn't reach the horn to honk. We are so glad that we made this trip with some of my family this year. And it was a much needed vacation for myself. Since like I said before this trip was probably more for me than Justin or Ryken. :) Thanks again mom and dad for letting us drive there with you! And thanks for the fun times brothers and sister in laws of mine. Next time I hope the whole family can be there.