Sunday, July 31, 2011

Can you do a handstand?

I can not do any cool tricks. I can't say the same for Justin. He is good at flips,headstands, handstands and he is probably even good at cartwheels. (I haven't asked him to do one of those) :) So he was showing off the other night and the boys wanted to copy him. So I of course had to get some pics.

Daddy showing off his skills. :)

Ryken ready to try...

Mid way action...

and his final attempt. :) Pretty good for a 4 year old if you ask me.

Of course Cy had to try it too. So here he is starting...
And here he is finished. :) That is about how good I could do it too. I didn't bother trying.

We got a good laugh out of it and the boys had fun, I even tried to get a little video action too. :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Outside fun!

Thank goodness we got the "grass" in our back yard done before this summer started. Cause I think that the boys are out there everyday playing. And lately since it is so darn hot out we have been playing in the water outside. The boys have loved every minute of it, and it makes me just as happy to see they having fun playing.

We had friends over to play in the water one day and it was a hit with all of them, I am pretty sure the mommies enjoyed relaxing outside watching the kiddos play just as much. :)

We have also just had a little family time outside in our little "frosted family pool" as Ryken likes to call it. (that is what it says on the box, so he has to refer to it as that) :) It was nice to get one small enough to not take forever to put up but also big enough for me and Justin to hangout in it too.

The boys are outside at least once a day eating a Popsicle. They are both obsessed with them right now. So they are the perfect little treat for outside. :)

They boys don't have fun outside just playing in the water, well at least not when dad is around. They love to get pushed around in Cy's new Coupe car he got for his birthday.

Cy even pushes Ryken around too. :)

Thank goodness there are ways of cooling down a little in this summer heat. It seems to be a lot of stuff involving water, and I am sure it won't be the last post about some kinda of water activity. :) We sure have enjoyed our outside fun!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Splash park fun!!

Last summer neither of my boys were fans of the splash park/pads that we had been too. Actually neither of them have ever been a fan. So when we have gone to parks that had them before the boys would just sit and watch everyone else play and they never wanted too. It drove me nuts! Well I decided to meet up with one of my B's, Michelle and her son Nash at the Tempe Beach splash park last week. I wasn't really sure it was going to be much fun for the boys cause I didn't think they would want to even get wet...boy was I wrong. :) They both loved it! It took Cy a little while to warm up to it but he loved it by the end. It was a great little outing for ALL of us!

Ryken standing there waiting for the bucket of water to come down on him. :)

Cy in the back while Nash and Ryken just made their selves comfy in the middle of the frog head. :)

The slide was a huge hit for Ryken. He went down it more times then I could count. It was a crazy one too! It must have been so slippery. Cause every kid that came down it seem to shoot right off. Nash had just gone down and was laying there waiting to get up and down comes Ryken. Thank goodness no one got hurt. They just had fun!

Love how much Cy loved the water this day! It made me so happy. :)

Cy getting a little bum washing. :)

Cy wanted to get soaked by the pelican. :) He hated this at first but by the end he had been under it a few times.

Thanks for the fun time Michelle and Nash. WE missed the other B's too! Before the summer is over we will have to make another trip back over to have some more fun!