Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Weekend!

With Justin's schedule we aren't really able to make it up north to Woodruff to visit my parents as much or as often as I would want to. But he does have Mondays off so we are able to sometimes make it up there and even stay a few extra days. So we headed up there on Sunday morning and stayed till Wednesday morning. We had lots of fun with my family that was there and missed the family that wasn't there. The weather was kinda crappy. It is always windy there but this year it was cold and windy. So that made for a runny nose for Ryken and a little bit of a cough too. We got to watch my brothers play in a softball tournament which was fun but they last all night long. So we had to leave earlier then the tourney was over since our little guy was really tired and fussy. All of my family ended up leaving on Monday so since Justin and I were able to stay a few days it was really nice. On Tuesday it was a really nice day. No wind and it was actually really nice and sunny. My dad had some work to be done around his house with his irrigation and so he asked Justin if he could help him. And so my dad put Justin to work. He tried to get me to help to but darn I had already taken a shower. :) But i kinda helped. I filled up their cups with some ice water. :)

My dad and Justin were able to get that job done that day. And so we were able to head on to Snowflake and meet up with my mom and get a late lunch. But before we headed out I had found my parents wagon behind their barn. So i got it out and decided to see how Ryken would like a wagon ride. He liked it, and even fussed a little when we stopped. He doesn't look all that happy in the pics but I think its cause the sun was in his eyes. :) And i even tried to fit my fat butt in the wagon with him. Which was a job in its self. And we put Justin to work again and he pulled us around and took us for a little wagon ride.

When we got back from Snowflake my mom called my aunt to see if she could trim up Ryken's hair. He was really in need of a trim. And of course Justin just wanted to shave it off like his but I am not ready for something like that. Maybe later on. So she was nice enough to say that she could cut his hair. So we headed over to their house. I was a little nervous of how he would do. It being his first hair cut and also cause it was close to his bed time and even by the time it was over with way past his bed time. And I had reason to be nervous I guess. Cause it was a pretty traumatic experience for us.

He was doing really good at first. I had Justin reading a book to him trying to distract him from what was going on. But that didn't last for very long....

This is the face that my mom was able to capture with the camera. And it really doesn't even do the whole experience justice. But lets just say that I hope next time he gets his hair cut that its not anywhere near his bed time and he does a little better. :)

Here he is after all the excitement. Being his goofy little self. His hair cut turned out really good especially since he was moving all over the place during it. Thanks again Aunt Rhonda for cutting his hair last minute. And sorry he was screaming so much. :)

Thanks Mom and Dad for having all of us up there this weekend. Its always fun to see you guys around your grand kids and know how much you truly love all of them. And Ryken just can't seem to get enough of you guys either. I love how much he just loves you both!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

11 months old!

Okay so one more month....till the big one year old mark. I can't believe it has almost been a year since I had Ryken. He is getting to be such a active little guy. We had to take him to the doctor the other day cause I was worried he had an ear infection. But thank goodness the doctor said that he didn't have one. Just a little fluid in his ear that should go away. So when we were there he got weighed. He is now 22 pounds and 11 oz. But it could be a little off since he had his clothes on and I think a soggy diaper. :)

Here are a few things about Ryken this month.....

*He LOVES to eat. And it surprises me how much he can eat, but then again he is our child and we love to eat too. :)

*And he now has 4 teeth. And he knows how to use them when he gets to eat his vanilla wafers and other snacks. And of course if you let him he would try to eat or bite your finger.

*He is getting so good at standing up by himself. And has even taken a few steps from Me to Justin. ( Still trying to get it on video.) He wishes he could walk on his own but just gets to excited when he tries and falls forward.

*And he loves to use mommy as a ladder. Always pulling himself up on me.

*He loves to walk back and forth between the couch and the ottaman.

*He has now learned how to actually crawl. Instead of worming his way around he can now crawl. But he still slips into his old ways of doing things too. :)

*When you wave at him and tell him by he seems to get confused and claps instead of waves back at you. But hey its still using his hands right? :)

*He loves giving kisses.

*When he crawls around sometimes he likes to have a toy block or toy ring in each of his hands.

*And if you couldn't tell he loves cheesing it up for the camera. :)

*And he still LOVES to read books!

Ryken brings so much joy and laughter to our house now. I know that there isn't a day that I don't smile now. Cause he makes me smile every day.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nap time....

Ryken has been pretty good at taking naps. But that seems to be something of the past. The past week he hasn't wanted to take a second nap. He use to take one nap in the morning and then a second one in the afternoon. And needless to say I think I may have enjoyed that second nap more than he did. And now that he decided he doesn't want to take that nap I have those days where I think I might loose it! I aslo thought that okay if he doesn't take the second nap then maybe he will sleep longer and not wake up as early in the morning. Giving me a little more time to sleep. But am I really that lucky? Of course not. He still seems to want to wake up way to early for both myself and him sometimes too. I know he is tired in the afternoon. He acts it by yawning and rubbing his eyes. But as soon as I try to take him to his room to lay down he just screams and cries. I know I should just let him cry it out. ANd there have been nights where I have let him do that. But during the day its not the best cause I have a husband that is sleeping away in the room right next to Ryken's. So having a husband that works nights and sleeps during the day when Ryken and I are here. And a little man that doesn't want to really take afternoon naps... Lets just say I hope I can survive! :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Being a mommy

So I know it is a really late post but I wanted to just say that I am so HAPPY to be a mommy! This time last year I just couldn't wait to be able to see my little guy. And now I get to see his happy, smiley, adorable, chubby cheeked face every day. I couldn't ask for more. He truly is a gift to me. I know that there are times when it all seems way to hard to handle for myself. But then Ryken just looks at me and gives me one of his cheesy smiles and melts my heart all over again. :) I am so happy to be his mom! And being a mom is really all I have ever wanted to be. If I was asked when I was younger what I wanted to be the top answer for sure was to be a mom. I never really knew how hard it could be at times and that it truly is a 24/7 job when you are a stay at home mom. So I am so thankful for my mom and all the things she has done for me and continues to do for me. I couldn't have asked for a better mom and I am sure we all feel that way about our moms. But she is in my eyes the best example of what a mother should be. I could only hope to be half the woman she is and half the mom that she is too.

Thanks again mom for being YOU, and the best mom ever! And the best Grandma too! We love you!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

1st Baseball game

On Tuesday we had the chance to go see the Diamondbacks play. And it was Ryken's first baseball game. We also invited my brothers that live here in Arizona to join us with their families. And Justin's sister Jessica was in town from Cali with her little guy Tristan so they came too and it was his first game also. It was also a game that they were honoring the fallen officers that have passed away this past year here in Arizona. So alot of Justin's squad mates were there too.

We were a little worried about how Ryken and Tristan were going to do. And they both surpised us. I know that Ryken really doesn't like alot of noise and chaos. But for some reason I really didn't think about it and going to the game. Well needless to say as soon as we got there and everyone started cheering and screaming it set Ryken off too. And thats when I started dreading the fact that we decided to take our 10 month old to a game where everyone around us was going to be screaming and yelling during the whole game. Cause duh thats what people to at baseball games. So thru out the game I had to try to find ways to distract him so that he wouldn't freak out as much when all the cheering happened. So needless to say there were a few Ryken meltdowns thru out the game but it was not bad at all. He even got to a point where he was pretty happy and seemed to be trying to dance when all the music was playing in the stadium. So we may just have to try out another game this season to see how he does later too. Cause if any of you know my family it would be a big shame if Ryken didn't like baseball like all the other boys in my family do. :) We had lots of fun and Thanks again everyone that came it was fun I just wish we had more of a chance to chat. Even if thats not really what baseball games are for. :)

Here we all our in our D-backs gear supporting the Diamondbacks. And yeah they won that night!

And here is Ryken and Tristan in their matching gear. Grandma Buchberger was nice enough to get these for them to wear to their first baseball game. And they both look so adorable in it. And my other nephew Cordd had the same outfit on and I am so upset we didn't get a picture with him too. Darnit! But of course he looked just as cute.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ryken looks like who?....

Okay so I really don't have much to blog about plus I was kinda bored. Justin has already left for work. Ryken is in bed sleeping like the angel he is. :) (HA HA) And there isn't much on tv... except for Grey's Anatomy but I have to record it so that Justin can watch it with me later. So since all this is going on I decide to find something to blog about. I was thinking bout it the other day and wondered who Ryken really looks more like. Justin or Me? I always remember everyone asking me when Ryken was a few months old who he looked like. I never really knew. Everyone always said differently. My parents thought he looked like Justin. And Justin's parents thought he looked like me. Well as he started to get a little older I started to see how much I thought he looked more like one of us then the other. Can you guess who? Who do you think he looks more like. His mommy or his daddy?

Here is a picture of me at 6 months old. (sorry its not the best i had to take a picture of a picture)

And a picture of Justin at 6 months old. (Sorry another picture of a picture.)

And finally a picture of Ryken when he was 6 months old. So whats the answer? I have now started to think that he looks alot more like me. I know sad huh? Don't worry I feel bad for him. But I guess I kinda know what he would look like if he was a girl. :) He for sure has alot of Baker in him. Even looking at pictures of some of my brothers when they were this age.