Thursday, June 30, 2011

Swimming lessons take one...

We put Ryken in swim lessons again this year...last year wasn't the best time, but this year he did WAY better. Well that is after he got over his fear of jumping in by himself. Once that happened he did great! This year during this first session he was able to be in the class with 2 of his best buddies, Aeryn and Mia. Us mommies planned it that way. :) And then he made friends with Ellie, the other little girl in the class. They were all great by the end of the session. Lets hope that the next session he is signed up for goes just as good. Fingers crossed. :)

Miss Erin is one awesome teacher!

He had troubles with the backfloat last year...this year he was great!

All of the kiddos loved the Mr. Marshmellow. :)

Miss Erin sings a cute little pancake song when they do their back floats.

He always said that one of his favorite parts of lessons was when he was able to get the ring. Then he had to take a silly picture with the ring on his face. :) Cracks me up!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ryken is 4!!

Where has the time gone? Do we really have a 4 year old?! It really is kinda hard to say in a way. I am sad that both him and his brother are both growing up so much. I LOVE looking back on old pictures to see how much they have grown. And what better time to do that then around their birthdays. :)

6 month old chunky monkey

1 year old, with his first piece of birthday cake. (wasn't a fan and it was hard to get him to make a mess with it. ) : )

2 years old (his brother was born 2 weeks before he turned 2)

3 years old

The BIG 4 year old!!

Daddy brought home some balloons and jamba juice for him just like last year. And of course it was a big hit...with everyone.:)

He wanted an ice cream cake for his birthday...this was the best I got. And he wasn't to happy about the fact that it had pink on it. :) And he even said that the pink didn't taste good like the other colors. lol Such a boy!

He got more presents to open from us and Cy. And all of them were big hits! I think he has enjoyed the marble maze the most so far...but maybe thats cause he hasn't gotten a few of the other ones out of the packages yet. :)

Got a picture of me and him together on his birthday! He said he had a great birthday when the day was all over with. He was so lucky cause Cars 2 came out on his birthday so him and daddy went and watched it! They both said it was good, and they both had a great time together. Ryken really is one smart cookie! I love all the funny things he has to say lately. He still LOVES letters and numbers. And has now started reading...alot more! It really is pretty weird to hear a kid his age read. And don't ask me how he does it cause I really have no idea. :) He is a great big brother, but he has his moments too. He is such a people person, he loves to talk to the cashier at every store we go to. It makes me smile every time. I can't wait to see how much more he learns and grows this next year. And I know that for the next year and years to come I will look at him and he will melt my heart just like the day he was born! LOVE YOU RYKEN ROO!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Boys Birthday Bash!!

One nice thing about having 2 boys that have birthdays only 2 weeks apart in the same month means we get to have ONE BIG BIRTHDAY BASH!! This year we went with the same idea as last years. It was such a hit last year why not try it again....we may have the same party next year too. :) So we invited lots of family and friends and we took over Pump it up for a few hours. The boys had tons of fun! It took Cy a little while to warm up to it, but he did eventually get in some of the things and actually play. Ryken on the other hand had been so excited for the party days before it was even happening. :)

Super cute sign they had up for the boys.

The fun begins...Ryken and his buddy Hayden going thru the obstacle course.

Of course Cy found one of the balls and was throwing it around for some fun. I Love his stance. :)

Playing a little air t-ball. And SO serious. :)

Even the adults get to have fun too! Justin enjoying one of the slides. :)

Cy...he didn't enjoy it as much.

Ryken getting a boost from daddy to hang his tag on the wall.

Ryken had just as much fun on the slide as Justin.

The boys each got these fun blowup staff things and birthday crowns. Cy loved the staff but not the crown so much.

Ryken LOVED it all. :)

Singing and candle blowing out time. :)

The boys were both spoiled by all of the family and friends that came. We all had tons of fun and we hope that all the guests did too. We missed the family and friends that couldn't be there with us...but hey there is always next year too. :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trying to have some fun...

It hasn't even gotten as hot as its going to get this summer and I am already looking for fun stuff to do with the boys that doesn't involve being outside in the HEAT. SO since I have always wanted to take the boys to the Phoenix Children's Museum, and Justin was off, and they were having a little deal for their 3rd birthday we went there to get out of the heat and do something fun. :) I was so excited to see if the boys would like it there. We didn't get off on the best foot when we first started to try and get them to do some stuff. But once they got to do one fun thing it was on to ALL the other fun things.

Cy driving a tube of toothpaste. :) He loves anything that he can pretend drive. :)

An awesome golfball maze track thing...I want to make one of these, anyone know how? :)

The look on their faces are great! They were watching a ball go down a bunch of tubes, it doesn't sound like fun but believe me it was for them. :)

Grocery shopping! This was a huge hit for both of them!

Going to "pay" for the groceries. :)

Ryken and Justin in the Noodle Forest!

Cy and I. :)

Serving up his mommy some yummy ice-cream. :)

Taking the tricycles thru the trike wash.

They made their way up this huge climbing thing...Cy didn't want to go all the way, this was as far as he got. Not bad for the little guy. :)

Ryken and Justin made their way ALL the way up to the top, looking down on all the people.

:) Cheese!

Of course we can't always try to beat the heat by going places and actually being inside. So instead we invested in a few dollar store water blasters and used the new water-table for a fill up station. :)

These things were and still are a pretty big hit with Ryken, which surprises me cause he hates playing in the splash pads. Silly kid!

Also got around to playing with Cy's new water-table. It is also a huge hit! With both boys! I love seeing them play nice doesn't happen often enough.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Cy is 2!!

Wow, my baby is 2! I still am finding that very hard to believe. He truly is a joy in our lives. There are the days when I really do want to pull out my hair though. :) He has for sure been a difficult little guy from about a week old. But he makes up for it by being so darn cute! :) I love his hugs and kisses and his bright blue eyes. Well I just really LOVE everything about him. I am so lucky to call him my son, and my Cy guy! :)

1 day old

Chubby, little 6 month old. :)

Such a momma's boy. :)

Has the best little smiles.

Cy really can be an handful....but it only seems to be when I am around. :) Everyone else seems to think he is great when I am not around...wish I knew how that was. He is for sure all about his mommy! Which I love....and get frustrated about all at the same time. He LOVES balls! Any kind of ball, if you are ever at our house you will see that by how many different types of sport balls we have around. He LOVES long as they don't come close to him. lol He can tell you what ALOT of the animals say...but when it comes to him saying alot of other words, well don't count on it. He has a very limited vocabulary. So we look forward to the day that he can say a whole lot more them MOMMY! all the time. :) He is a pretty good eater when it comes to certain things. Fruit is not one of them. He is pretty much only a grape lover, and fresh pineapple if it is available. He LOVES his brother Ryken! And I love that he loves him so much. He is always looking for Ryken when he wakes up. Cy is a loving little guy, once the shyness wears off. :) And you can say that he pretty much has his mommy's heart now and forever!!