Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Relaxing St. Patty's Day...

Since the weather has been pretty nice (not to hot) the past few days I told Justin that I would like to go on a picnic. So that is what we decided to do for a little relaxing day and it just happened to be on St. Patrick's day. : ) We decided to drive a little bit out of the way and we ended up at Freestone Park in Gilbert. We knew there was some little rides there for Ryken and also a park. So on the way there Ryken got a little bit of a nap in but not much. So we wasn't the happiest when we got there but it changed when we got to sit down and eat something.

We had our little blanket under a tree to eat in the shade. And of course it was next to the little pond and there were ducks all over. And there happened to be 3 of them that were pretty close by us. So of course Ryken was all excited about the "quack,quack". That's his way of saying duck. : )

He enjoyed getting to count them. And he counts to 3 the best so it worked out great that there were the 3 by us to count. : ) Once he saw the ducks and the water he lost all interest in eating of course. So we took turns walking around with him to make sure he didn't decide to take a swim with the ducks which is what he wanted to do. He kept trying to step into the water when he got closer. He was pretty daring and it was pretty scary. So we had to try to get him away from the water. I guess we found the 2nd best thing. Which was some big rocks that he could play on and around.

After all of that we decided to go and check out the little train ride and the carousel. We took a train ride first and Ryken enjoyed it all except for when the "conductor" decided to get everyone on the train to yell "All Aboard!" He wasn't very amused by that.

But once we got going on the train he was all smiles and enjoyed it. And it was nice to get to sit down and feel a little breeze as we rode around on the train and saw the little park.

After the first train ride we rode on the carousel a few times till we could take the train around again. And again Ryken enjoyed getting to ride the horse on the carousel. As did Justin and I. : )Since we had paid for the unlimited rides bracelets we got to ride the train a few times as well as the carousel. We had a good time and it was nice to get out in the nice weather and enjoy some time together before it gets to hot to do anything but swim outside. : )

Hope you all had a great St. Patty's Day and wore your green like Ryken and I. Justin was a party pooper and didn't wear any green. I think I was nice and didn't even pinch him. : )

Saturday, March 7, 2009

6 months along...

We have now reached the 6 month mark. So our little guy is going to be here before we know it. And we have been trying and trying to agree on a name for this little guy. We haven't settled on a for sure name yet and it may just drive me crazy. : ) We already had Ryken's name picked out by this time. But this little guys has stumped us. All the names that I like Justin doesn't like. And the few that Justin liked I didn't really like. So I sure hope we can come up with something before the little guy gets here.

And I am really starting to POP! I have been thru all this before but it still all seems so new when it happens again. Feeling him move around so much is a great feeling. Now if I could just get comfy enough to get some sleep at nights. And I sure hope I do so I can get some sleep in before he gets here.And I sure hope our other little guy can adjust to all the new stuff that is coming his way and our way in the next few months too. All I know is when I was pregnant with Ryken I didn't have to do some of the things I have to do now. Like I don't know um.... take care of a toddler! : ) Giving him his baths is sure getting harder and even getting up from changing diapers. Man I am way out of shape. : ) But it will all be worth it, and I hope they can be the best of friends as time goes by.