Wednesday, January 20, 2010

6 and 7 months...

The time has flown by again pretty darn fast. The past 2 months seem to have gone by pretty fast at least. :) So fast I never got around to posting for Cy's 6th month and now he is 7 months old. SO i just decided to make one post of both.
Cy is a pretty happy baby for the most part. He still has his moments where he will only be happy when he is being held by someone. Which does make things hard sometimes. But we all get by. :) He still has some issues with eating but is getting a little better. He just doesn't like to eat the fruits cause they seem to make his acid reflux worse. So we have stuck with the veggies for now. He is pretty much sleeping thru the night finally and started doing better about it when he turned 6 months old. He does still have one late night bottle before he sleeps all the way thru. He doesn't like to take many naps and when he does they are not very long, or maybe not as long as I would like them to be. :) He loves to play pat-a-cake and peek-a-boo. He is also VERY ticklish. Which makes it fun to get him to laugh, and we all LOVE to hear him laugh. He is a pro at sitting up now and he seems to want to move on to the next stage and crawl but hasn't gotten to that point yet. He now has 2 teeth on the bottom, more coming in here soon I am pretty sure.

His cute little smile makes me smile and melts my heart too.

He still loves to stick out his tongue, and even more now that he has gotten some teeth.

Loves his brother Ryken, and always is watching him. And Ryken loves to make Cy laugh. :)

Trying to test out all 4's but not that well at it. :)

Eating a cracker for the first time and wasn't a big fan of it.

Mister mischief maybe his name in the future. And I am sure he will give this look alot. :)

Smiley guy with rosey cheeks. (i am pretty sure the rosey cheeks were from his teething.)

7 months old and now getting better at the all 4's thing, but still no crawling.

Check out his 2 chompers. And his big blue eyes. Man I just want to squeeze him sometimes. :)

Pulled out the wipes and was chewing on one, he likes to do that and also chew on the wash cloth during bath time. :)

It is still so crazy that he is already 7 months old. He is for sure a different baby then his brother was but it is fun getting to know his personality too.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas 2009

We had a pretty darn good Christmas this year. Justin was able to take the day off, so we stayed home this year and just had to wait that morning for him to get home to open our presents. Good thing Ryken wasn't into ripping open all the gifts right when he woke up, but I am sure next year he will be. :) He was so fun to watch this year, cause he actually loved opening his presents and knew how to. And of course he wanted to "help" everyone else open theirs. And we were all okay with that, until next year when Cy may have a problem with it. :) The boys both got lots of fun stuff this year.

Showing off his stocking. :)And he found some fun stickers inside, as well as a couple books and some fun coloring stuff too.

Cy was already surrounded by toys, and his stocking too.

And he got another fun toy, which I think Ryken has played with more than Cy has. lol

All of the fun stuff that Cy got from Santa and us. :)

Ryken with all of his loot from Santa and us too. :)

They also got one big gift to the both of them but I am sure Ryken will get a little more use out of it now.

A little bounce house!! Ryken was a little scared to get in at first, so I had to climb in and he followed. And after he was in he was there for a good 40 mins. He LOVED it.

Cy wasn't as into it as Ryken was, but he was into checking it all out. :)

We also went over to Justin's parents that day and enjoyed opening a few presents over there and having a yummy lunch too! I wanted to try and get a little family picture and this was the best we got...

It is hard to get a good one with such little wiggle worms. :) and this was the best I could get of the 2 of the boys together...

And boy do they look scared. LOL! We had a great Christmas this year. Ryken was pretty sad when it was all over, he asked to open more presents when he woke up the next morning. And now that the Christmas tree is down he had also asked a few times where his Christmas tree went. I was so glad that he enjoyed it so much this year and I am looking forward to all the years to come to be able to to teach him all about the real meaning of Christmas! I am so thankful for the reason that we celebrate Christmas, and the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. No better reason then him to have such a wonderful celebration.