Saturday, April 10, 2010

10 months...

Dang can't believe my little man is already that much closer to being 1! But its true. And he sure is one that I need to keep my eye on at most times. He is going to be a major trouble maker I am sure. Which I am not ready for. :)

He likes taking his baths for the most part still. Except for the fact that they don't last long cause I have to get him in and out before he decides he wants to stand up and try to climb out of the tub. He is always getting into the dishwasher if I am doing dishes or unloading them. He managed to learn how to use the little hippo thing we have to help him learn to walk. Ryken never really like it or any other one he tried. But Cy has taking to this one as well as the one at Justin's parents house. He now has 5 teeth and I am pretty sure there are 2 more on top that are trying to break thru too. (not fun for anyone) And I am kinda worried about his first top 2 cause they seem to still be really small and not all the way down. So hopefully he doesn't have REALLY small teeth on top. :) And he still LOVES his pacifier. Which also worries me cause I am dreading taking it away from him! Even though its still a little more time for that. Oh and I really have to keep my eye on him lately cause he has decided he wants to learn how to walk! Before I want him to that's for sure, and also way before Ryken decided to even try to take steps. Cy hasn't really walked yet but he takes a lot of steps by himself. So I think we will still have a crawler on our hands for a little longer. I hope so at least. :) I caught this little video of him the other night taking a few steps...

So I really am hoping that we can keep him crawling for a little longer. I just wanted to really get on video that he knows how to do it now. So I will keep my fingers crossed he will take his time still. :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter doings...

We had lots of fun stuff going on this past week and all of it was involving Easter stuff... We got together with some of our friends and colored eggs.

Please excuse this horrible grin of his. :) If you look close he has a little blue around his mouth. That's cause once he took the spoon out of the color he decided to put it in his mouth with some of the coloring left on. :)

One of the finished product.

Cy was content while the eggs were being colored by stuffin his face with his snacks. To bad it only lasted so long. :)
While our friends were over we had an Easter egg hunt too...

I think they had a pretty good time finding all those eggs.

The kiddos also got to do a little jumping. We tried to wear them down as much as possible. :)

Then on the weekend we traveled up to Woodruff to visit my parents for the weekend. And while we were up there we headed in to Snowflake for Ryken to get to go to the egg hunt there too. Even though it was more of an Easter egg scramble. :)

All ready with his basket...

And they are off...Headed straight for the eggs. And he got lots of them. :) 10 real and one plastic, so that he could turn in the plastic on and get a little prize. :)

Then of course we had a few more egg hunts ahead that weekend... Another one in Woodruff

And he loved it and the candy too.

Then the Easter bunny came and brought lots of fun stuff for the boys.

Ryken pointing out all his loot. ( yes he is wearing winter pajamas, don't judge they still fit and it was cold there. :) )Cy checkin out all of his goodies too.

After spending the weekend up north with my parents we traveled back home and stopped by Justin's parents house to spend time with them on Easter too. And then of course while we were there Ryken and his cousin Tristan got to have ANOTHER egg hunt. :)

All ready to go...Hunted them all down...and counting all this eggs again, for the last time this year. :) He had so much fun this past week and weekend. And I am sure he is all practiced up for some more egg hunting next year. We hope everyone had a GREAT Easter!