Monday, September 28, 2009

Family time...

Justin had to leave and go to Alabama for a week to do some training for work. So we decided to try and get some family time in before he had to leave. And so we did what we seem to love to do and went to one of the parks in the area that has a little train and carousel. :) Bonus: This one was a little closer to the house, had a good deal going on that day, and had a few extra rides too. Negative: It was pretty hot out that day, and we were out in that heat.

Ryken and mommy on the train. Daddy and Cy on the carousel. :) (so cute, right? Poor Justin was pooped that morning from working all night but he was a trooper and hung out with us anyways.)

Ryken enjoying one of the many rides on the carousel.

Trying to fly his little helicopter.

Cruising on a funny looking car. :) He seemed to like the other rides but not nearly as much as he loves to ride the trains. :) It was great to have that family time and I can't wait till the week is over so we have our complete family again when Daddy gets home. :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another zoo outing...

We decided to make a little trip to the zoo on Wednesday, and to make that trip even better it was FREE for us to get in the zoo. And the weather was pretty nice too, not as hot as it has been the last few weeks. Ryken was pretty excited to go. Justin asked him before we got to the zoo what animals he wanted to see. And we were surprised to hear him say that he wanted to see the Giraffes and Elephants. :) So thank goodness we got to see both of them.

The Giraffes were the very first stop. And we were so glad they were out and even kinda close.
Then we saw the Zebras. But I don't think Ryken was to thrilled with them. :)
The Elephant wasn't out when we first got to the area. But then he slowly made his way out and then Ryken was able to get a pretty good look at him. :)
Here Ryken and Justin were checking out the bear.(not sure what kind. :) )
We also thought these huge turtles were pretty cool too. After strolling around the zoo for awhile we decided to stop and eat some lunch.

Here is Cy having a little lunch of his own. :)

Ryken looking like a lion with his big mouth. He couldn't wait to chow down on his Gogurt. :)

After lunch we went around and saw a few more animals but it was starting to get to hot for us. So we headed back and of course Ryken just had to ride the carousel.

And he had lots of fun doing it. :) We had a great time together as a family and once we got in the car and on the road this is how Ryken was feeling...

He was out like a light bulb. :) Another great trip to the Phoenix Zoo. :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

3 months old...

That is right folks Cy is 3 months old now. And he is pretty much a cute, fussy, adorable, always seems to be crying, cuddly, can't get to stop screaming baby. :) He is all those things rolled up into a little chunky guy. So any day now I am waiting for all that screaming and crying to get better. I keep hearing it gets better after 3 months, so any day now will be good for me. But really he is a fun baby when he isn't crying.

He is getting a little better at sleeping at night. But during the day that is another story. He is the biggest cat napper there ever was. It is pretty much the most annoying thing to me besides the screaming. :) So hopefully here soon he will get better at the naps too. Then mommy will be a much happier mommy.
He loves his daddy, and is always willing to give him smiles. He loves watching his big brother and seems very interested in him. And I guess he loves to talk to me, and I even get a few smiles from him too. :) Here is the proof...

see I told you I had proof of his cute little smiles.

Getting some brotherly love from Ryken. :)

Getting a little tummy time on daddy. :) (justin is the best at making sure tummy time gets done.)

So interested in what Ryken is doing, keeping a close eye on him. :) Ryken is always interested in what Cy is doing too.

My chubby little 3 month old. Time is flying by it seems. 3 months already. WOW!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Birthday shout out...

Today Justin turned the big 29! Crazy one more year and he will be 30, well I guess you can do the math. :) I just wanted to give him a birthday shout out and tell him I love him SOOOO Much! Thanks for being the best husband to me and the most awesome and loving daddy to our little guys! :) I wish I could give you everything you wanted but you know just as much as I do that will never happen. LOL! Happy Birthday!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ryken's new thing...

Every little kid seems to like to play with and put on other peoples shoes. Well Ryken got a late start on doing that and now he seems to be catching up. Because lately he has had a thing with wearing around my shoes as well as Justin's. Basically and thing he can slip his feet into he will put on. But since its hot out all we seem to wear is flip flops so he just wears them after us. : )

And the other day he found my slippers so he had to try them out as well.

: ) I love that it looks like he has no legs. He is such a silly little guy. I'm just glad he is getting into our shoes and not any other crazy thing that will create a huge mess. So go ahead and play with all the shoes you want! : )

He also is obsessed with coloring in the Color Wonder coloring books. It was the best investment I could have made. : ) He would seriously just sit there and color for probably and hour. And hey they are markers but he can't mess up anything else except the pages.

Here he was contently coloring. Then he realized I had the camera and...

I got this funny face. : ) I think I may be stocking up on these coloring books since he enjoys them so much.