Thursday, June 24, 2010

Boys combined birthday party.

June is a busy month for us. It is basically another Christmas at our house. :) Cy's birthday is on the 10th and then Ryken's is 2 weeks later on the 24th. So this year and I am sure for many more years we had a combined birthday party for both of them. And it was pretty darn fun if you ask me. :) We had it at a party place in Tempe called "pump it up". It was fun for everyone, adults and kids. So we had lots of family and friends join us to help celebrate.

Cy in his new shirt showin off his new age. : )

And Ryken in his too, can't believe he is already 3! Crazy!
So at pump it up it is basically an indoor bounce house place. So there are slides and other fun things all over the place. Ryken was a little scared at first to do the slides alone but once he did it the 1st time he was all about it!

And of course I never got a great pic of him, cause every time he went down he was so fast. And always going down on his belly. Here he is at the top of the slide getting ready to go down.

Cy took a few turns on the slides too, but of course with me and Justin. Not sure he liked it much but I did. :)

Justin and Ryken taking a turn together...

they made it to the bottom. :)

All the kids that were there getting a group shot. :)

Cy eyeing his cupcake as everyone sang happy birthday to him. And of course once again he wanted nothing to do with the cupcake.

Ryken blowing out his candles with all his might. :)
There was this little party room we were in to have cake and open presents and they have the birthday kid sit in this big throne to open presents.

I got to test it out while I helped Cy open his presents. :)

Then Ryken got his turn, and believe me these boys got spoiled by all their friends and family with presents. They are so lucky to have such great people to celebrate with.

After we opened presents we were on a time limit at the place so we wanted to do lunch with everyone too so we headed over to Peter Piper to have some pizza and play games there. And that too was lots of fun!

Had to get a little picture with the new little 1 year old. :)

And of course another with both our birthday boys!
Once we were home and got the presents home to play with too, the boys were in heaven. :) Like I said it is like another Christmas, thank goodness it is 6 months between. :)

Cy LOVES his corn popper, and of course I think it is funny that he loves it so much, but can only take so much. (thanks for the great gift Bo and Nicole. :) )

And Ryken enjoying his new toy that helps teach him how to write his letters and draw other stuff too. He is such a funny kid and loves his letters, numbers and shapes. So this is a great thing for him.
So again we had a great birthday party and were so glad we were able to celebrate it with such great family and friends! So thank you everyone for everything. I still find it hard to believe that my boys are getting so big. We have a 1 year old and a 3 year old! CRAZY! The time goes by way to fast! We love our boys and are so happy they had such a great day.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cy is 1!

Wow where has the time gone. I really thought after having one baby turn one so fast that when I had a second that the time wouldn't go by even faster. But it has, Cy is already 1, and it seems to have gone by so fast, and actually TOO fast. I miss my baby. I remember I use to complain about how frustrating it was that Cy had to be held to fall asleep from the time he was a newborn up to when he was about 6 months old. And now I miss those days. Now I can't hold him for more then a few seconds it seems before he is all over the place. :) He has grown so much and has done things so fast that I know now why it seems like the last year went by so fast. We all love Cy and all the fun and crazy things he brings to our lives.

Here he is on his birthday. Sayin, "what I am 1 already? " :) And just being his cheesy little self.

We made him a cake and had a little birthday party for him just as a little family. He was in awe of the candle.

And then once we gave him his own cake to dig into... he cried. In true Cy form. :) He didn't like being mess I guess.

Then he got a little taste of the chocolate frosting and thought it wasn't too bad.

He got a little bit messier but still never ate any cake. He isn't a cake eater either I guess. So we can add that to the LONG list of things he doesn't eat.

And again in true Cy form. Screamin at the top of his lungs for no real reason. :)

And he got to test out his present opening skills...

And he got himself a fun little learning truck. (that really Ryken plays with more then Cy, go figure.)

And a fun little crocodile toy that he loves. :)

Testin out the toy before Ryken got ahold of it. He does like it when he gets to play with it. :)
Cy has grown to be such a great little baby when he wants to be that is. He sure is a momma's boy and if you around him and me enough you will learn that pretty fast. I know there are days when it can get to be tough that he only wants me but I know later on I am going to miss those times too. So for now I guess I should try to enjoy it. :)
He is walkin all over that place and has been for about a month and a half maybe 2 months. He is practically runnin places when he wants to get there.
He LOVES his brother. When Ryken is napping and Cy is awake I sometimes find him walkin back to Ryken's room tryin to tap on his door to find him. So when they are both awake you can mostly find them around each other.
He has 6 teeth now and a few breakin thru, which we hope break thru SOON!
He is SO ticklish, I love this about him. I know just what to do to get him to smile, laugh and giggle!
He still loves to take baths. And loves Pooka too.
There are many more things about Cy. But really all that matters is he is that he really is my favorite 1 year old little guy. And one of the cutest ones too. :) I know I am his mom so I have to say that but I think it is true,. :)
We love you Cy guy and can't believe you are already 1!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Another Birthday...

I had another birthday come and go. I can't believe I am already 27! I feel so old. :) And once again I had a great birthday. Justin planned an early birthday get away for him and me. We were able to go to Tucson for a night and while we were there we saw Carrie Underwood in concert. It was lots of fun. And then on my actual birthday we were also able to get away and have a great night. Thanks to my friend Kyla and her hubby cause they watched our boys for us! And stickin with tradition we went out with our great friends Gina and Kameron Lee. We have been able to celebrate my birthday with them for the past few years and is always a great time. This year we got out to a yummy dinner and then after had a funny, good time at what was suppose to be a romantic movie. :) It was a great birthday once again! So thanks to everyone that made it that way.

Me and my boys the morning after my birthday. Eating the yummy Krispie Kreme donuts we got for my birthday. Ryken and Justin sang Happy birthday to me with the donuts as my cake. :)

Stuffin my face with the yummy ice cream cupcakes that Justin picked up for me!

And me and my wonderful, amazing hubby that made my birthday a great one! Thanks again HUN! Love you!!