Friday, August 28, 2009

After bath time...

I got these cute little pictures of my adorable little guys...

Then later in the day I wanted to try and get another smile from Cy and catch it on the camera...

Got it, a smile!

And whenever I take a picture of Cy then Ryken wants in on the fun too...

Got it, kind of a smile. : )

Got to love them, I know I do.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2 month stats...

We got Cy to the Doctor for his 2 month check ups. And his stats are...

Weight- 12 pounds 6 ounces, 70%
Height- 22 1/2 inches long, 50%
I can't remember his head size but it was also 50% : )
So pretty much he is a short fat kid. : ) No but really the Dr said that everything looked good for him and on top of that she even said he was handsome. Which I totally had to agree with her.(even though she probably says that to every little boy that is there. )
He also had to get 4 shots. Which he didn't like at all. His normally big eyes sure got a whole lot bigger after he got poked. This was pretty much his face after his shots...

I took this later that night trying to show off his battle wounds. : ) But he wasn't up for it.

But the next day he was back to being a pretty happy little Cy guy. I was able to snap this shot of him...

I LOVE this smile of his.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last minute trip...

On Friday me and the boys made a last minute trip to Vegas with my parents to visit my brother Mickey and his family. And when I mean last minute, I really mean it. I called my mom and asked where they were and she said she was just leaving Holbrook. So I asked her if they would wait for us in Flagstaff till we got there. And them being the nice parents they are they said yes. So I packed up some stuff for us and got us ready and headed out the door. After we met them in Flagstaff we were on our way. I was hoping Ryken would take a nap once we got in with my parents. But he was being the stubborn 2 year old he is. Well once he got relaxed and coloring he just couldn't fight being tired and he pretty much passed out while coloring...

When we got there that night we were able to make it to a late night dinner buffet. And Ryken was able to fill up on pizza, pasta and cheese. : ) Oh and he even got a little ice cream cone too.

When Cy was awake and being good for a change, he was being held and watched after either by my mom, my sister in law Kelly, or my nieces Kylie and Kassi. The girls loved getting to help take care of him and hold him everyday we were there. And it was nice for me to have them do that. : )

Being in a house where 3 little girls live there weren't a whole lot of things that weren't the color pink. Which means if there was a Cowboy hat there it would have to be pink, Well it was a cowboy hat to Ryken but a cowgirl hat to Kyndl. But whatever it was I had to get a shot of Ryken wearing it. (I am totally bummed that I never even got a picture of Kyndl while we were there. : ( )

Once we made our trip back home it all started well. Both boys were asleep not far from the house. But that only lasted for so long. But we made due with everything. And Cy was pretty content in his car seat for the trip.

And we had to find a few things to keep Ryken happy. So I found some fruit by the foot and that worked for awhile, maybe not as long as I would have liked but hey it worked.

So I am happy to say that we made it back and I didn't go to crazy while we were there. Even though Ryken went basically 3 days with no nap and no good bedtime routine. He was a major turd and I felt bad for everyone. And then I also was happy I didn't go to crazy when I had to listen to both Cy and Ryken scream in the car for the last 45 mins of the trip home. We made it home and we were so glad we had the chance to go with Grandma and Grandpa Baker. And we really enjoyed getting to see Mickey, Kelly and the girls too. So thanks everyone for the great last minute trip to Vegas!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2 months old...

Cy is already 2 months old. Crazy how the time has gone by so fast. I keep hearing from friends that your second baby and any others you have seem to grow up way faster than the first one. And that kinda makes me sad. So I will try and enjoy the time I have of him being a baby while I have it. : ) Even though sometimes it is harder than others. At the end of the night I am truly grateful for my little Cy guy.

*he is wearing mostly 3 month clothes.

*he is cooing and smiling now.

*he hates his car seat

*he likes his pacifier some of the time, (which maybe a good thing or a bad not sure yet. : ) )

*he doesn't like tummy time

*has started sleeping alot more during the night.

*loves to be held during the day

*hates to be put down during the day. (not fun for mommy)

*he is starting to get little rolls. (which I love!)

*and his little chin dimple seems to be more noticeable now too.

*he seems to really love his big brother Ryken, and Ryken loves him too. : )

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Cy has started to smile. Which makes me smile, and I love it. So every once in awhile if he is being a happy little baby then I can get one of these out of him...

And of course there are also a few times during the day that even Ryken can make me smile. Especially when he is being goofy like this...

( you may notice a fat lip on Ryken, yep he got it running down the hallway. But it has since gone back to normal. )
I love my boys and I love that they can get me to smile. Cause some days that is all I need is a smile from the 2 of them.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cy's blessing day...

Justin was able to bless Cy at church on Sunday. Justin gave him a great blessing, and Cy was even good thru the whole thing. Which made me very happy, cause I think that was my biggest worry. : ) It was great to have some family and friends there with us for the special day.

Here was Cy after his big day. He looks totally surprised right? Well that is how he looks alot of the time. His eyes are so darn big. : ) We ended up using the same outfit we blessed Ryken in. And I am lucky it fit Cy. It was pretty big on Ryken when he was blessed because he was blessed at 5 weeks and Cy was 7 weeks when he was blessed. But it fit, maybe a little snug but we made it work. : )My little guys! So darn cute, don't you think? : )Our little family snapshot for the day. : ) Sometimes it is still hard to believe that we are a family of 4 now. Of course Ryken doesn't look at the camera when I wanted a shot of my and my little guys.All the Buchberger boys in their Sunday best. : )