Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had a pretty fun Halloween this year. It is alot funner as an adult when you have a kid or more then one to dress up. :) This year our little guys were a Dinosaur and a Shark...

Ryken LOVED his costume! He is into Dinosaurs right now. And when we bought the costume he wanted to wear the head right after we bought it. SO he wore it around the mall that day. :) So he had no issues with wanting to put it back on and put on the rest of it too.

Cy on the other hand didn't like his costume at all! He hated it from the minute we were trying to get him dressed... He is only happy in this picture cause I was holding him, and even then he wasn't really even happy.

Our few attempts at getting a picture of both boys together in their costumes, and you can really tell how much Cy was not having it. :)
Once we got to the church building for our wards trunk or treat he seemed to be ok with having it on, cause he got to run around and he didn't even seem to remember he had it on.

See... cute little shark right?

Before the trunk or treat they had some little games for the kids to play.
Ryken played the cake walk a few times until he finally won a cookie on his 3rd try.

Cy was pretty much OBSESSED with the basketball game. He wanted to play it the whole time we were over there. And he didn't want to wait till it was his turn. SO he put up a pretty good fight till we finally got up for his turn.

Wishing he knew how to Hula Hoop. :)

Standing in line waiting for the costume parade.
Since I handed out candy during the trunk or treat we didn't get any pics of the boys going. They had tons of fun though. :)

Dino ready to head home. :)

On Halloween we were invited over to Justin's sisters house to have dinner and do some trick or treating in her neighborhood.

Mommy, Daddy and their dinosaur and shark. :)

Dark picture but its of Tristan, Cy and Ryken at one of the many houses they went to, waiting for the candy. :) All the boys had tons of fun. Cy was so funny once he realized he got some candy when he went to the door. He walked right up with the older boys and waiting for his piece of candy. Then he gave it to me to put into his bucket. :)

Ryken showin off all his loot.

And little shark Cy enjoying a few pieces of his candy.
We sure did have a fun time this year. The boys got way to much candy, and now that means I have to much candy to eat too. Maybe I should just toss some of it out. :)