Friday, August 29, 2008


I seriously LOVE this kid! I really can't seem to get enough of him. It is all so funny to me cause there are the times when Justin actually agrees to watch Ryken for a few minutes while I run to the grocery store or run to get a movie or something. And as soon as I turn the corner to get to our house I just get so excited to see this little man when I walk in the door. But don't get me wrong as soon as he sees me and starts whining at my feet... I am ready to leave again. :) But its just the fact that I never thought someone could LOVE me so much. And I think he does. I LOVE when I get to feed him lunch and it is something that he actually likes to eat and enjoys every last bit of it. Like the time in the picture when he ate what seems to me like way to much ravioli! But he enjoyed it and so did I.

I LOVE his big blue eyes! And the way the just seem to sparkle sometimes. :) And I LOVE when Justin mentions to both me and Ryken that he got his beautiful blue eyes from his mommy. :) (Notice he got a little bruise on his chinny chin chin poor guy, and we don't even know how it happened. Does that make us bad parents? )

As mean as it sounds I LOVE when he makes his pouty face. Don't worry most of the time its nothing that he should even be pouting about but I just LOVE to see it on his little face.

He seems to be into the strangest things lately. He just Likes to hang out in the kitchen. Mostly under or around the table. And he also tries to sit in Pooka's little bed. But I just LOVE how he seems to enjoy the silliest things. As do I!

Oh and those times where he just won't lay down for me to change his stinky, poopy diaper. He gets up and crawls away and just laughs at himself for doing that cause he knows its not what mommy wanted him to do. Well I LOVE to hear him laugh and it makes me laugh too. So in that moment I could care less about how much it annoys me that he won't let me change his diaper. Cause I just LOVE this little boy! I mean who couldn't LOVE a face like this? :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

We wanted to send a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Grandpa Baker! You are the best darn grandpa there is! And we want you to know it. So Happy Birthday and I love you tons! Love, Ryken

Thanks Dad for ALWAYS being there for me. Especially when I have been the brat that you know and love. :) I know I can always count on you to make me feel better and to give me the best hug around. You truly are the best dad a girl could ask for. And I hope you have had the best day possible for your birthday! Love, Cara

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I got a good laugh...

The other day I was just wanting a few minutes to myself. Which really is kinda hard sometimes cause I have this little boy that is like my shadow all the time. Once I leave a room, guess who else has to leave. Yep Ryken can't stand for me to leave a room even if I wasn't even playing with him, if he sees me leave he has to follow. But for once he kinda just decided to go exploring around the house alone. Which of course was fine by me cause there really isn't much he can get into. Or so I thought. :) I was on the computer of course just looking at blogs of course. And I hear a bunch of noise in the kitchen. So I decide to go in and check it out. Well this is what I found...

I guess he decided he wanted to help me out by removing some of the things from the recycle bin. Little did he know that I really didn't need his help and that things were okay in there. But he had a little fun and there was no real mess after so I was okay with it. Plus he LOVES to look at magazines and as you can see found one to look at. :) After I decided it was okay for him to just play in there for a little while I went back to my blog hopping. Well I guess I was really into what I as doing and didn't even really see him go past me and into our bedroom. So after a few minuets I hear a little bit of fussing coming from our bedroom. And it sound like he was far away. I knew he couldn't get under our bed cause there is already to much stuff under there. :) So I decided to go and see where he was. And I looked in the closet and didn't see him in there. So i went over by our bed and that is where I found this...

So of course I had to run and grab the camera to take a picture. (I know I am so mean) He decided he wanted to see if he could fit into Pooka's kennel that she sleeps in. Of course he couldn't since he is much bigger than Pooka plus the kennel is really small. So he got himself stuck in there. And after a little nudging and pulling I was able to get him out. And this is his reaction afterwards.

Oh my goodness I sure got a good laugh at that. Which was nice cause I really needed it that day. Ryken really is the one that can make me either laugh or smile but he can also get me to scream and cry too. But either way I wouldn't change anything. Oh and he has his moments where I just have to ask myself what is with my kid. His new thing is that he just for some reason likes to just lay down on the floor and well just lay there. I really don't know why but he does it and he is cute doing it. :)

Thanks for the good laugh my little Ryken roo!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Okay so I got tagged by Gina yesterday so here it goes... You are suppose to go thru your house and take pictures of certain things. Without really rearranging them or cleaning them but guess what I kinda cheated. I cleaned a little. :)

1.) The Fridge- Not a whole lot in here but definitely stuff that gets eaten. :) Not too messy I guess. Plus I am not a good cook. I really should have listened more when my mom tried to teach me stuff. :)

2.) The Closet- This really isn't much because our closet is so tiny! We hate it. So most of the clothes are mine. And Justin uses most of the drawer space in our dresser. :)

3.) The Bathroom- I also chose to take a pic of the guest bathroom. Cause it was cleaner and also cause its just one pic instead of 2 for our bathroom. :)

4.) The Laundry Room- Not much to look at here. Just lots of cleaning stuff and Justin's dirty clothes in the hamper and on top of the dryer. :)

5.) Kitchen Sink- So the sink is somewhat clean. And of course there is a dirty sippy cup and bottle since Ryken doesn't like to drink his milk from the sippy cup. But I keep trying. :)

6.) Self Portrait- I didn't really want to take a picture of myself today. Not much done with myself. So i opted to use a different picture taken a few months ago. Yep I was being silly and took a few shots of myself. :)

7.) Favorite room- I chose our bedroom on this one. That is where I have most of the time to just spend alone. If that means getting to read a little or just to get ready. Also that's where I sleep so duh it is one of the best rooms. :) (also this is the room i kinda cleaned. Cause lets face it our bed is NEVER really made.)

8.) What is my kid doing?- Okay so when I took all of these pictures earlier today he was just waking up from his nap. But now it is later and he is actually down for the night. So i guess it works out cause he is in his crib in the pic as well as right now. :)

9.) Dream Vacation- I really don't have a dream place to go. SO this one was kinda hard. But I have always wanted to go to Australia for some reason. Maybe its cause I did a report on it in 6th grade and ever since then thought it would be fun to go there. :)

10.) Favorite pair of shoes- I LOVE FLIP FLOPS! I really like to wear them all year round which isn't that hard living in Phoenix. But sometimes I do have to resort to wearing other shoes. But these are one of my favorite pair.

Okay so now I guess I have to tag some others so.... Bri, Jennifer, and Kyla! Have fun ladies. Oh and anyone else that wants to do it. :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Do you...

I am such a worry wort and I worry and think about stuff all the time. Not stuff that really makes sense sometimes but that is just the way I am so here are a few things...

Do you ever worry about your husband while he is at work?

Do you ever wish you son would just drink milk from a sippy cup and not just water?

Do you ever feel like it was easier to make friends when you were younger or in school or even when you were single or a newly wed couple?

Do you ever wish you could just move?

Do you ever get homesick?

Do you ever feel lonely and feel like no one knows or understands what you are going thru?

Do you ever wonder or worry about what others think of you?

Do you ever think that you have the cutest little boy ever? :)

Do you ever wish you were closer to your family?

Do you ever wish you could just find something you had in common with others so you had something to talk about?

Do you ever just want to go shopping to make your self feel better?

Do you hate it when you go shopping and you can't find anything that looks good on you?

Do you ever wish it was easier to lose 10 pounds?

Do you ever wish you could be a better wife and mother?

Do you sometimes feel like maybe you aren't cut out to me a mom?

Do you ever wish you could go back and make things right with someone from Highschool?

Do you ever wish you had a sister that you could just call up whenever and just talk about everything and anything?

Do you ever get bored and just don't know what to really do?

Any who just some strange thoughts that have been going thru my mind lately. And wanted to know if anyone else is like me and has things on her mind and thinks about strang stuff and also worries way to much. :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Will it ever happen?

Okay so I know eventually it will happen but when? When will Ryken ever learn how to walk? I know he was late on learning how to crawl but for some reason I thought he would be able to pick up on walking. But of course not. He takes lots of steps. But it just seems like he can't really put it all together. Also he seems to start out doing stuff the harder way. I say that because he didn't really learn to crawl first, instead he learned to "worm" around. And guess what he decided to do tonight... walk on his knees! Yep he is such a silly boy. He was up on his knees and then he just started moving around and going forward like that. We laughed at him and he thought it was funny so he kept doing it. :) What is with this kid?! My parents and a few others keep telling me that it will happen one of these days. I just have to wonder will it be before he turns 2? :) Something else that is pretty funny is the fact that he had never really walked with the help of one of those "helper toys". He has this hippo that my parents got him for Christmas that you can walk with and also that you can ride on. And he also hated riding on it for some reason too. And at my in-laws house they have a little toy that is kinda similar that you can ride on or walk with and yep he didn't like that one either. I still don't know why he is that way. But the other day Justin got out the hippo and started helping Ryken walk with it. And guess what... he did it for a little while!

And he also loved getting pushed around on the hippo. He still hasn't really figured out how to use his feet to push himself. So he will just let daddy do all the work and enjoy the fun! :)He liked cruising around the house that way but it of course only lasted so long since Justin couldn't do it forever.

Today Ryken and I met up with our friends, Porter and Gina Lee. We got to go to lunch with them and hangout at the mall. So in the mall there is a little play area for the little kids to play in so we decided to go check it out. So we strolled over there to let our little guys play.

Well of course Since Ryken couldn't walk and run around with Porter he just hung out and watched all the others have fun. Doesn't he look so thrilled? :) I am sure he is wishing he could figure out how to do what all the others were doing. So he decided to find his own fun thing to play with...

Here is what he found. And he did have a little fun here until a few more little ones came to play and then he was done with it. Does this mean he isn't going to play well with other kids? I hope not. Since he doesn't walk and really doesn't like to climb on many things I decided to just put him in one of the little space ship things.He seems to think it was pretty darn fun. :) We did have fun with Porter and Gina we always do. I just hope Ryken was taking some mental notes and tips from all the other little kids today and will be up and walking in no time. :) DOUBT IT!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Another fun filled weekend...

We had another great weekend. It was my niece Chloe's birthday and so we headed out to Queen Creek on Saturday morning to spend time out there with my family. They had the party at my brother Jared and sister-in-law Lori's house. They have a pool and we also brought over a blow up waterslide. So we had lots of fun water stuff to play with and in. The kids all had lots of fun like always. And of course so did the adults. :) Ryken got to try out the big swimming pool with Daddy and his cousin's Tatum and Chloe, and he really liked it. Far more then he did last year when we put him in at just a few months old. :) Now I wish we would have gotten signed up for a mommy and me swim class this summer. Next one for sure. :) And he tried out the waterslide once with daddy too. But I don't think he like that as much. So he just sat in the little pool with Grandpa and his cousin Cordd for awhile.
It was lots of fun getting to hangout with family for a few hours. Justin had to leave early to go to work some off duty and so Ryken and I stayed and my parents brought us home later. A few of my brothers and their wives and 2 of my nephews went to watch the new Batman movie. I wanted to go see it but since Justin wasn't there to go we just stayed and helped my parents out with the younger kiddos. But I am glad we stayed cause Lori's sister Jessica came over and myself, my mom and Ryken were able to get our hair cut. ( Thanks again Jessica!) I was a little nervous bout getting Ryken's hair cut again after the last time but this time around we just stuck a sucker in his mouth and he was SO GOOD! I must say Jess was really good with him but I am kinda thinking it may have been the help of the sucker also. He loved it. And both Justin and I love his new hair cut.

Here he is the next day showing off his new hair cut. He looks like such a little boy to me now. Now I am going to really have to talk daddy into letting us go to get his pictures taken again. Also since my parents were in town we got to all get together again, and went to dinner. OH and also since we had a babysitter well actually 2 of them on hand, Justin and I decided to go and see The Dark Knight since everyone else saw it the night before. We both thought it was a great movie. So all in all it was a great fun filled weekend for us again. I love when we are able to get together with family. And we will have another family fun weekend again this week. :)