Monday, March 22, 2010

9 months old...

Its almost hard to believe that Cy is already 9 months old. He is growing up so much, he still has quite the personality and some days I am still trying to adjust to it. ;) He has lots of happy moments and lots of unhappy moments still. And to me it seem like they are mostly unhappy, but then again I am with him 24/7. But honestly, some days are better then others for both me and him. He still loves his brother, and his brother loves him... most days. :)

He is still crawling all over the place and I think he really wants to learn how to walk. So that he can get around better with his brother. :) But then again I think he would really like to walk so that he can get around better and follow me more. It seems every time I am in the kitchen trying to wash dishes or cook or clean he is always right at my feet trying to pull himself up to me. Or if I get on the floor trying to take a picture I get this...

him bound and determined to climb up me for me to pick him up. What can I say I guess he just can't get enough of me. I am sure that will only last for so long. :) And of course if I move him and try to get away for just a minute I usually get this reaction out of him...

I think he may end up with my temper, NOT a good thing. :) I am just so glad that at the end of the day I get lots and lots of smiles from him and I am able to smile myself. Cause he does that for me. Here are just a few cute pictures of him...

Sittin in the bathroom sink waiting for me to get all the bath stuff ready, and also just so I could get a picture. His BIG, BLUE eyes! I am sure he was on his way to getting to me in this picture. :)

And of course his worried, old man face. :) Still only has his 2 bottom teeth. But the top 2 are breaking thru as well as another bottom one. Lets just hope they all come in soon. Cause he is NOT a good teether.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Touch A Truck...

Last Saturday I really wanted to get out of the house to do something. So i looked on the Internet to see if there was anything fun to do, that Ryken would enjoy. I found out there was this "touch a truck" thing going on in Glendale. So we decided to make plans to go to it. And at first I wasn't so glad we did go. Ryken was a major stinker! But he eventually warmed up and wanted to actually get in some of the things they had there. But it did help that his cousin was there and getting into them too. :)

The first thing we saw was the Oscar Meyer wienermobile. Ryken was not to excited to get into a big hotdog looking vehicle. But eventually he made is way in.
He also got a wiener whistle to take home with him, and of course to use to annoy me. :)
There were also a few fire trucks there and he got a chance to check out a few of them. I think his favorite one was the Glendale fire truck. He was wanting to climb all over in it.

He loved to get to sit in the front of the vehicles and "drive" them. :)

There was also this cool pink firetruck. It was a breast cancer awareness one. And the fire fighter was even wearing pink fire suit. It was pretty cool too cause you could sign it too. Ryken loved all the firetrucks there but I think one of the favorites of both him and Justin was the SWAT truck, I am pretty sure it was called "The Bear".

And it was fun to get to tell Ryken that Daddy drives this truck at work. :)

And again he loved climbing around all over in this one too. So we made our way out the top to see what and who we could see. :)

Ryken in the drivers seat AGAIN. :) All full of smiles. He also got to sit up in a big rig. Wish we would of told him to pull the horn on this one. :)

It was a fun all around trip for the day. Even though Justin had just had surgery a few days before he made his way out with us using his crutches. And we brought Cy with us too of course and it was a little hard for him since it was nap time and we weren't home for it. He was a little tired looking...

Don't you agree? But he also started to not feel well that day either. But we made it thru the fun outing to see all the fun trucks for the day.