Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ryken is 3.

Wow, I still find it hard to believe we have a 3 year old! But then I realise we do when he acts the way he does. :) He really is a good kid when it comes to certain things, but then there are the things that make Justin and I wonder sometimes. :) Since we had already had his and Cy's birthday party a week before his actual birthday we still wanted to try and make the day special for him. And I think Justin did just that, he brought Ryken his own smoothie from Jamba and also some fun balloons, what kid doesn't like balloons? :)

Can't you just tell how happy he is?

I had to put him in his birthday shirt again that day. Just to show off that he is 3 and all. :)
We decided that we would take the boys to Peter Piper Pizza again, and of course Ryken was all game for that decision. He wanted to play the games right when we got there. While we waited for the pizza he played some games...

Whack a mole...

A car racing game with Justin...

And of course he had to play one of his favorite tv show games.... Deal or no deal. :) And wouldn't you guess it he ended up with a case that had 100 tickets in it. He was so excited, Justin said he let Ryken pick all the cases himself too.

Showing off all his tickets.

After our fun filled night at Peter Piper we headed home to have some cake and Ice Cream and open a few more presents.

He loved his last minute decorated cake, can't you tell. :) And I know it looks alot like the one we made for Cy. What can I say we aren't very much into cake decorating at our house. :) He was very excited to get to open his presents, what 3 year old isn't right?

He got his very own laptop, cause he is obsessed with trying to play with our computer, wish my idea really worked that maybe he wouldn't try to play with our computer if he had this one of his own, but it didn't. :) Wishful thinking. He does like this atleast.

SO Excited for his own monster truck flaming crash ramp. :)

Got to test it out later with Daddy. :)
I think that he had a pretty good day and night for his birthday. And so did the rest of us. :)
Just a little bit about Ryken now...
He LOVES letters and numbers. He has for awhile, and loves to sing the ABC's and can count to atleast 30. He loves numbers so much that sometimes he will just get a calculator out and play with it. :) He is my little smart man and I am hoping takes after his daddy, with his smarts.
Another thing he likes about numbers is that he can tell time on a digital clock, he is always telling us what time it is when we are at home or in the car, and now likes to tell us the temperature outside when we are in the car cause of the thermometer in the car. :)
Can spell his name. (now i guess we should try to get him to write it. :) )
He likes shapes and colors alot too.
He likes to sing songs, and mostly ones that he learns in Nursery. Sometimes he will just want to keep singing songs over and over again when we are driving around.
Loves his little brother Cy guy, and is always wanting to wake him up every morning.
He loves puzzles and coloring as well as playing all of his fun board games.
Ryken just is an all around good kid as long as you catch him at the right time. :) But we love him no matter what, and can't wait to see what the next year is like with our cute, smart, loveable little 3 year old.