Monday, February 23, 2009

A few fun outings this past week...

This past week we were able to get out of the house and enjoy the nice weather. Justin's sister is in town and also a family friend of his mom's with her daughter Tally and her daughter Audrey too. :) So we were trying to get together to do some things that all of us would enjoy as well as the kids. The plan was to get together on Monday by meeting up at the Wildlife World Zoo. So that is what we did on Monday afternoon. It was lots of fun and the kids did pretty good considering they didn't have naps in yet. Of course Ryken was the one that had the meltdown at the end of our day there. But we all got thru it. :) None of us had ever been to that zoo and so we were looking forward to it. Plus they have an aquarium there now too. So we had lots of fun getting to check out all the fun animals there. It was kinda crowded thru the aquarium and especially if you were trying to push a stroller. But we were still able to see a few of the cool things. There was lots of fun animals to see and of course I took lots of pictures. To many really to post all of them.
Here Ryken was checking out the white alligator they have there. It was kinda creepy with its red eyes. And it just was sitting there like that for awhile. But Ryken seemed to enjoy checking it out.

Here are all the little ones lined up in a row trying to see over the stumps to check out the Flamingos..

And here are the Flamingos. : )

The Giraffes were really cool. There was 4 of them. 2 bigger ones and 2 baby ones. There was also this tower you could go up in and feed them. It was really cool to see them up close.

And they had this Lion there. He was also pretty cool to see and was pretty loud to at one point he let out a really loud growl that scared me. : )

These are the adorable little ones that we enjoyed the day with. : ) Tristan is Justin's sister Jessica's little guy. Then of course there is Ryken. : ) And the cute little girl is Audrey and that is Tally's little girl. They all stuck it out and we all enjoyed the day.

On Tuesday we went over that night and enjoyed some relaxin time with everyone at Justin's parents house. The kids were able to play together some more outside and we all enjoyed some yummy pizza. It is really fun that all the kids were able to get together and play, cause they are all pretty close in age. All 3 of them are only months apart in age. And now all of us mom's are pregnant again at the same time. And again these ones will only be a few months apart in age.

Here we were with our pregnant bellies. : )

The kiddos snacking on their pizza at their own little table.

And here are the adorable little cousins. They had so much fun playing together while Tristan was visiting.

On Wednesday we made a the little trip out to Scottsdale and went to McCormick Ranch. It is a really cool park. We ate lunch there and enjoyed time on the playground with the kids and even got to ride the carousel and the best was the little train ride they have. The kids all loved it as well as us adults. : )

Ryken made one of his several trips down the slide. Even with a little twisted leg he still made it down and said "Weeeee" the whole slide down. : ) I even got in on a little bit of play at the playground. While Ryken and Tristan were swinging in jumped on the other swing and joined them. It sure has been awhile since I have done any swinging but it was great fun.

All 3 of the kids were excited to ride on the train. Here we were all waiting in line and the kids were checking out the train. Here are all the mom's with their little ones. Waiting for the train ride to begin. Ryken was so funny thru almost half of the trip around the park on the train he kept saying " Toot Toot". He loved it!The cute little train that we rode thru the park.

If you look really close on the left you can see Justin in the back with his hand up and Ryken on the horse. :) The carousel was a big hit too.

Here was Ryken and my ride on the carousel. (Justin took a better picture of us then I did of him. :) )

Sorry for the picture overload but we had so much fun last week that I finally had to sit down and blog about it. : ) I wish we lived closer to McCormick Ranch cause it was lots of fun and not to expensive. Maybe we will make another trip out there again soon.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not much going on...

There hasn't been much going on here at our house. So I haven't had anything to really blog about. We have been enjoying the weather outside since it has been so nice the past few weeks. Ryken and I have been going to the park every Thursday for the past month or so with some other moms and kids from our ward. It has been great to get out of the house. And hopefully it will get him to open up more and try to get a little more independent or at least get him to play with some of the other kids his age. So maybe then nursery won't be as bad. :) Yep you heard me right. Nursery is still not going the best. One week we had to leave after the first hour because he was not doing well at all. Even with me in there with him. And on top of that someone who shall remain nameless, didn't change his diaper before we left to church like I thought he had and so his pants got a little wet. So needless to say we cut our church day short. Then last week he did a little better but not much. Justin stayed in there for awhile with him then left. And he freaked out but once he got a snack he was fine. So maybe we should just wait to drop him off once snack time starts. :) I will just keep my fingers and my toes crossed that with time it will get better. That is what I keep hearing from other moms. I just feel really bad for the teachers most of all.

Also with the nice weather we finally got Ryken's Christmas present put together and put outside for him to play with. He got a basketball hoop and Justin put it together the other day and since then he has had so much fun with it. He will go up and dunk it and then throws his hands up in the air and dances around. He gets so proud of himself. It sure cracks us up. I tried to get it on video and up here but it didn't work out. :(

Here he is getting ready to show off his mad basketball skills. :)

See told you he could dunk it. :)

He was being really silly once the door was closed. He kept smashing his face against the patio door and I had to take a pic of this adorable smooshed face. He really wants in doesn't he?

Ryken has been getting really good at remember some of the animal sounds that we have taught him. And it is so cute and funny to get him to say them. He doesn't say a whole lot but the things that he does say he sure says them alot. :) But our favorites are when he points out some of his body parts. And like I said his animal noises. So I was able to get it on video the other day.

Man he really is one cute kid if you ask us. What do you think?
Oh and its been a few weeks since my last belly picture. So here is the latest one...

21 weeks and counting. It is really fun to get to go back and see the different sizes of my belly when I was pregnant with Ryken so I am looking forward to doing the same with this little guy.