Friday, May 13, 2011

Out of Africa trip...

We decided to make a last minute trip up to Camp Verde and go to Out of Africa. I have been wanting to go for awhile and it just seemed like a good time to go. Justin was off, Ryken and Cy both love the zoo, so I figured they would love this place too. I wanted to go and the weather that day was great. We had a GREAT time there. SO glad we decided to go. It was a great little staycation type of thing too. :)

We got to...
Pet huge lizards and turtles...

See awesome animals like Boom Boom the White Rhino...

Were told we were going to get to feed a giraffe. ( Justin was happy bout it, Cy not so much. :) )

Ryken loved getting to feed his carrot to Pilgrim the giraffe.

Justin too!

The safari tour guide was so good! She was awesome actually. She had one of the giraffes come right in the bus to get a snack of some little cookies. :)

Passed around and held an ostrich egg...

Saw LOTs of Zebra...

Went to the Tiger Splash (which that day there wasn't much splashing) :)

But it was still really cool!

Justin fed the tiger...Ryken chickened out, not surprised about that one. :)

Got to pet a GIANT snake...I was so surprised that Ryken actually wanted to do this.

Saw some pretty White Tigers...

And some kinda scary Hyenas. ( which scared the poo out of Cy when they made the weird noises they make. ) :)
There were LOTS of other cool animals but I decided not to take pics of ALL of them. :) It was so worth the drive up there for us. We may even have to go back again sometime.

Mother's day 2011

I am SO blessed to call these little guys my boys! I am SO thankful and grateful for them. Even though I have many faults as a mom these two really are the best! And I am so glad they call me MOM! :)

Ryken picked out these flowers just for me! :) And he signed the card all by himself too! Cy got to do a little drawing on the card just for me too! It was the best. Exactly what I wanted for Mother's day.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a great Easter week. We pretty much had a fun thing to do at least every day. :) The boys loved all of it and so did we.

The boys colored easter eggs at home and then also with friends...they both LOVED it and were bummed when we were done doing it both times. I think they could color eggs everyday if I let them. :)

They also got to have more then one Easter egg hunt! 3 to be exact! (Ryken actually got to have 4 because he went to one for the Primary aged kids too) They had one with cousins at the Pioneer Park in Mesa while we waited for the Easter Pagent to start.

One with friends when we had a little get together like last year. (we have to keep this tradition up!)

And then their last one was with more cousins! They are going to become professional egg hunters! :)

Easter morning they both got their baskets full of goodies. And I enjoyed getting to see them dressed in their new church clothes for Easter too. :) (I don't have a little girl to buy an Easter dress for so I just get the boys new clothes instead. Still kinda fun. )

At church we enjoyed the talks on Christ and the boys had their Easter lessons about Christ's atonement and I got to give my lesson about his atonement also! Such a great time of year! I love getting the chance to reflect on Christ's sacrifice for all of us for at least one full day! This year we got to enjoy the Easter Pageant too! I was so happy that they boys were so well behaved during the performance. And were in awe at the end when Christ was raised up. I loved it. So thankful for his sacrifice for all of us.