Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Two fun filled days...

We had a great Easter and hope that everyone else did too. It was fun since it was Ryken's first Easter and so I really wanted to get him an Easter basket and a few little things for it. Justin thought it was kinda silly but in the end I think he was glad that I did it. I can't wait till he is old enough to actually know what Easter is all about. But until then I had a little fun. :)

Here he is looking so handsome in his little Easter outfit and his Easter basket filled with goodies just for him. :) I got those puff things hoping that he would actually eat them because when I gave him one before he gagged on it. But I am happy to say that he now enjoys them.

After we went to church we went over to Justin's parents house for dinner. And his mom had gotten some things for Ryken for Easter too. One of the things she got was some bubbles for him. And so we decided to go and test them out.

He wasn't to sure about them. And I wasn't to sure bout this picture cause I look REALLY scary but it was the only good one with the bubbles in it. :) But he had fun popping the bubbles when them got to him.

On Monday we went out to Maricopa to visit our friends Gina and Kameron Lee and their little guy Porter. Our hubbies were nice enough to watch our little guys so Gina and I could go out and get a much needed pedicure. We had lots of fun while we were there but were a little afraid to let our hubbies know the damage we had done when it was all paid for. :) And we were surprised by the price too. But we had to get a picture of our pedicures of course.

And if you couldn't tell mine are the WHITE feet! :) With the huge bruise on it. I had a can of tuna fall on my foot last week. Not fun! After we got all that relaxing and fun out of the way we met up with our hubbies and kiddos again and enjoyed lots of pizza and a movie.

Here is what our hubbies do while we are gone to keep the boys in line. They let them watch Baby Einstein videos. Well if it does the job then that's fine with me and it works for our little guys. We always have so much fun hanging out with the Lee's. Oh and sorry Gina bout how fussy Ryken was that night hope we didn't cause Porter to lose to much sleep. And thanks for letting us hangout at your place.

Ryken also turned 9 months on Monday. He is still lots of fun. But has yet to learn how to crawl. Which I keep hearing is okay and that I really don't want him to be mobile. Maybe he will get the hang of it one of these days. Oh and he is actually getting teeth now. His first tooth broke threw about a week and a half ago. And so now I know why he was so fussy and continues to be. :) Can't wait to see his smile when the teeth are actually noticeable. We have his 9 month check up next Monday. So I will post his stats once we get them at the appt. Can't wait to see what they are. Then I will actually have an answer for all those that ask me how much he weighs. :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Easter!

Well we just wanted to wish everyone a early Happy Easter! Don't really know how the next few days will be so I decided to post this now in case it does get crazy. :) We all hope you have a great one. I got an easter basket for Ryken this year. I know he doesn't even know what it is but it is more for me. :) So we got a few things to put in it this year. So hopefully we will get a few pics and then I can post them later. But until then just enjoy this one of my adorable "Chubby Bunny". HAPPY EASTER FRIENDS AND FAMILY!

Friday, March 14, 2008

A - Attached or single: Attached.. To my love, Justin

B - Best friend: Justin

C - Cake or pie: I would have to say Cake for sure. But if it has frosting then only the whipped cream type. I hate the rich frosting on cakes.

D - Day of choice: Either Monday or Tuesday. Those are days that Justin is usually off.

E - Essential item: Cell phone and Diaper Bag.

F - Favorite color: Purple

G - Gummy bears or worms: worms for sure.. More to enjoy. :)

H - Hometown: Snowflake

I-Indulgence(s): Chocolate. Any kind probably.

J - January or July: January when you live in the hot city of Phoenix

K - Kids: Ryken Holt Buchberger

L - Life is incomplete without: Family, Friends and The Gospel.

M - Marriage date: October 23rd 2004

N - Number of siblings: 4, I am the only girl.

O - Oranges or apples: Apples

P - Phobias or fears: Afraid of heights, and also losing someone in my family.

Q - Quotes: Not sure its a quote but I love.... Live, Laugh and Love. :)

R - Reason to smile: Ryken and all his chubby rolls.

S - Season of choice: Fall

T - Tag three friends: Kiri, Bri and Jennifer

U - Unknown fact about me: I do not like being tall.

V - Very favorite store: Target .....mine too Gina. :)

W - Worst habit: Not wanting to fix dinner. :)

X - X-ray or ultrasound: Ultrasound for sure. Especially if it is getting one to see your little baby growing and moving inside of you. Plus the only x-ray I have had is at the dentist and I hate the dentist. :)

Y - Your favorite food: Bits and Pizza, Pizza. Love it and miss it too.

Z - Zodiac sign: Gemini

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mr Fix It!

I can proudly say that I have my own live in mr fix it. My hubby is so good about trying to fix things around the house himself first before having to invest alot of money in to someone else coming to fix it. Or even us both asking our dads what we should do to fix the problem. Well for about a week we were without a light in the kitchen. It was weird cause somedays it would work and then the next thing you know it wouldn't turn back on after it was off. So finally he had the time to check it all out and try to fix it. I was kinda getting worried about him and getting himself eletricuted. I can say that he did get a little shock but nothing to bad. :)

Here he is doing his magic. After like 3 trips to Lowes he got the job done. I must admit that he did get a little help from the internet and also one of the workers at Lowes. But needless to say it got fixed and that is what we really wanted and needed.

Here he is testing it out for the first time..... And yep it worked. And it has been working great ever since. A little brighter then it was before but hey its a working light that is much needed in the kitchen. :) Thanks Mr. FIX IT!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fun weekend.

This past weekend we had a few fun things that we had planned. Our friends Brianna and Justin Brimhall were coming down for a baby blessing and asked if they could stay with us. We love getting to have friends and family stay with us so of course we couldn't say no. When they got here on Saturday afternoon we met up with our other friends Kiri and Justin Woodside and went to lunch. (It still seems so funny to me that me and two of my best friends all married guys named Justin. And sometimes when we are all together it can get kinda confusing. :) ) We always have lots of fun when we get together with all of them so it wasn't a surprise that we had a great time with all of them.

Here is Bri with her hubby Justin and their cute little guy Britt! We wish they lived closer so we could all hang out more.

Here are Kiri and her hubby Justin. We are so happy they are back in AZ and hope we get to see them lots more. :)

Also on Saturday night Justin and I had made plans to go to a wedding for one of the officers on his squad from work. So we came home after having lunch with our friends and got ready to head out to Scottsdale for the wedding. We of course were a few mins late cause we are never on time for anything. But the wedding was so nice and it was great to get to visit with lots of the guys Justin works with and even a few of their wives.

Justin usually doesn't have Saturdays off but I am so glad that all this stuff was planned for the same weekend. So that I could spend time with friends I don't get to see that much and of course with him and Ryken.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Things we can't live without...

The past few days there are a few things that have come to mind that I just can not live without these days. And also a few that Ryken can't live without too. Well actually they are pretty much things that both of us can't live without. :)
I think I have spoiled both myself and Ryken when it comes to this first one.
This is our little over sized rocker/recliner. I pretty much need this every day and every night in order to get my little guy to sleep. I don't have to have this one in particular any rocker will do. So pretty much I get stuck in some stinky situations when we are somewhere with out a rocker and he is fussy and tired. Basically every time I am at church, my in-laws and at some other peoples houses I break out in a heavy sweat and feel like I am losing control of myself, cause I NEED to have a rocker. I have spoiled him in this way because of the fact that he is so use to it now and I have no idea how to break him or myself of it. Which is another reason I should have added to my reason of thinking I am a bad mom is the fact that he loves to be rocked to sleep and also sang to sleep too. I really don't have a good singing voice but all that matters is that he likes it and it works for us. :) He LOVES lots of the church hymns and primary songs.
Another thing we of course can't live without is his bathes. He loves them and I love giving them to him. As soon as he gets in the water this is his reaction....

He loves to splash as I have said before. The bathes seem to relax him and therefore they relax me too. We both look forward to his bath time.

I just love the way his little feet look after his baths. His raisin looking foot is so cute. Don't you think? :)

I can't live without this cute little guy! One day I just put him in the sink while I was trying to get his bath ready and I thought it was just a cute picture and had to take it. :)

And we both can't live without his naps. I love when he actually takes a good one. Not a little cat nap that lasts 30 to 45 mins. And the other day he had a good one and he woke up with his this crazy bed head...

Another thing that I just had to take a picture of. :) And of course as I have said before I think that both Ryken and I can't live without all of his fun little toys that we have found for him. It keeps him busy and gives me some time for myself. But the one major thing that Ryken and I can't live without is this guy....
Ryken loves his daddy! And I love his daddy too. :) We CAN'T live without him.