Thursday, February 25, 2010

8 months...

My little guy is growing up. :( It makes me sad to think how much time has already gone by since he has been born. Its crazy to think that his first birthday is just around the corner. Cy is still one cute little baby! I can't seem to get enough squeezing of him done thru out the day. It is a darn good thing he is so cute and squeezable, cause he has caused me some headaches. :) But he is worth everything to me. He still seems to want to put anything and everything into his mouth. Which Ryken never really did much of.

Here he is trying to squish a little basketball in his mouth. :) This ball now has major teeth marks in it left from his 2 little teeth. He hasn't gotten anymore yet. He is also full of lots of funny faces. he still loves to stick out his tongue too.

See seriously could you not just squeeze this funny faced little boy. :) Cy also LOVES to jump. If you have ever held him you know what I am talking about. As soon as he is standing up on your lap he is jumping away. I don't know why he loves it so much but he does.

I figured he would like the johnny jumper since he likes to jump so much but its not a big hit with him. That is unless Ryken is around running back and forth by him. Then he goes crazy and jumps all over the place. Cy is also SO ticklish. I think you can tickle him anywhere and he laughs and giggles and gives his big mouth grin.

Tickling him is one of my favorite things to do cause it makes him laugh, which of course makes me laugh too. :) Cy really is a fun happy baby as long as someone is constantly around him. And when someone isn't around he can now come and find you. He is crawling all over the place now days. It is a good thing and a bad thing. Good cause he now gets around and it kinda helps with him being fussy, bad cause sometimes it doesn't help and instead he just crawls around and cries too. And good cause he has fun finding new stuff to play with. Especially Ryken's cars...

but that only usually happens when Ryken is napping, otherwise it is a bad thing cause then Ryken is not happy. :) Also a bad reason is cause he is going to be a baby that gets into everything. 1st major thing he got into was the dogs food and water...

Atleast he didn't eat it... YET. He is also pullin himself up on stuff. I think he really just wants to walk so he can get around with his brother.

And before I know it he will be up and walking, and then running around with his brother. Man I wish I could keep him small forever. Atleast I know he will be my Cy guy forever. :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New family pics...

I decided I wanted to get some new family pictures done, cause the last ones we had gotten done before we did our Christmas card was when Cy was only a month old. So we went and got them done at good ol' Jc Penny again. And they turned out okay but probably would have been alot better if I wasn't in them. Oh and if Cy was smiling. :)

But there were some that I figured were good enough to get.

I think Ryken may of had the most fun of all...

Cause he laughed at everything the photographer said and did, Justin just smiled and probably wanted to roll his eyes too. :)All my handsome boys that I love so much. :)

Me and my 2 little guys. :)

I am pretty happy we decided to go get them done, cause it is always fun to look back and see how much we all have changed... Well how fun it is to see how Ryken and Cy have changed. :)