Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jury Duty.

A couple of weeks ago I got one of the worst things in the mail that you could get. Well I think its one of the worst things. I got a summons to Jury Duty. I swear it was like just yesterday that I went. But when I think about it really it was awhile ago. Plus it was when we still lived in Mesa, so that was awhile ago. I was able to get out of serving on the jury last time and I was hoping that I would be able to this time too.

The day that I was to report to jury duty if my number was chosen was on Wednesday, Feb 27th. I was to call the day before to see if my group number was one that needed to be there. And of course my luck it was! I was so upset. This is not what I wanted to do on a day that Justin would be watching Ryken all day for me. I imagined that day as a day of relaxing and doing something for myself. But nope instead I had to go to the Phoenix Municipal Court and do jury duty! So this morning I woke up to the alarm clock. Which by the way I have not had to wake up to an alarm clock for like the past 6 months. So it was kinda weird that I had to now. I got ready and just had Justin take me there so that I didn't get lost. I am not about to drive in down town Phoenix on one way streets where I have no idea where I am suppose to be going. So he was willing to drop me off and pick me up. Once I got there i had to go thru the metal detector and of course it went off. I had to take off my flippin belt. and it still went off. Of course it was the tons of bobby pins that I had put in my hair that morning. (Didn't feel like doing my hair. :) I had to be there at 7:30 okay. ) Got to fill out some paper work and then sit there...... and sit there.... and sit there. FOREVER! Finally at like 10:00 the first panel was called in . And thank goodness I wasn't called. Then we had lunch around 12 after that we came back and did some more sitting around. Then at like 2:30 the second panel was called. And wouldn't you know I was #16 called in for a jury of 24. But to make a long story really short. I DIDN'T GET CHOSEN! It is one of the pluses of having a husband that is a police officer. :) Believe me there aren't many pluses. I finally got to leave the court at 4:30! But of course had to wait till 5 to actually get picked up.

And what a surprise I had when I got home. I wasn't expecting anything at all of course. But my hubby being such a sweetie got me a little something. And it made me so happy.

He got me the second book of the "Twilight" Series. I was so excited. He had wanted to get it before he came to pick me up for lunch so I had something to read during jury duty. But he wasn't able to get out of the house soon enough to get it. But either way it was a huge surprise. He also had a thank you card and some flowers too. The card was so sweet thanking me for everything that I do. (Which really isn't much). I LOVE MY HUBBY SO MUCH! He is so sweet sometimes.

I really missed both Ryken and Justin today that is for sure. But I am glad that Justin got to spend some time with Ryken and see how it is for me on a daily basis. :)

I just had to add this cute little picture of Ryken screaming and banging on the chest. He loves to scream lately. And if you haven't ever heard him scream you are missing out let me tell you. It is a very high pitched scream. Any who just thought that the blog would be a lot better with a picture of him in it too. :)

Monday, February 25, 2008

8 months old!

Okay so I know this may be getting old for some of you to look at my blog and just see another month has gone by and I have to talk about Ryken being another month older. Well guess what its not going to change. I am going to continue this till he reaches the big 1 year old. Then after that I will try to refrain from doing it every month. Hopefully it won't be a habit. :)
On Saturday night I was laying in bed and it was hard for me to fall asleep so I was just thinking to myself. It had been exactly 8 months since I had been in the hospital having him. I was in labor 8 months ago at 11:00 pm. It all seems so weird to me still. I don't know when its finally going to kick in that he is my child and I can return him to NO ONE! Thats okay I love tryin to learn how to be a good mommy. Sometimes I just feel bad for him that he is the one that has to put up with me and the learning that I am tryin to do to become the better mom. (Okay that was confusing, sorry.)

Ryken is still such a happy baby. But he has his times when he isn't. Which has been alot lately. So I am wondering if he is finally going to be getting some teeth. He still always has his fingers in his mouth. And sometimes his toys. He slobbers like no other too. Nope still no teeth for the little guy but that is okay I LOVE his toothless grin. He hasn't started crawling yet but it may be any day now. He gets up on his knees and starts rockin back and forth. And he still doesn't like to be on his belly much. Which makes it hard to let him try to learn to crawl. Also he still doesn't like to roll much either. Sometimes I wonder about my child. :) He has always liked takin baths but now days he loves it even more cause he learned to Splash! Which I am not sure daddy really likes cause he would rather there not be water on the floor. ( You have to know Justin :) ) I love to see him splashing cause it makes him so happy. My little guy is getting so big and sometimes it makes me so sad but I can't wait to see what new things he learns to do in the up coming months.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bad Mom?

Just want to say sorry for this semi long blog but I just wanted to rant a little. :)

This past few weeks there have been a few things that have happened that make me wonder if I am a bad mom. One thing that has kinda bugged me is the fact that every where I go people see Ryken and ask how old he is. After I respond they always seem to say "Wow, he is a big baby." Duh do you think that I don't know this. I am the one that carrys him around and cares for him. I don't know exactly why he is such a big baby but my whole thought is that it is just genetics. I was a pretty chubby baby as well as my brothers. I don't think that I feed him to much food or even give him to many bottles. Me being a first time mom I don't always know the right things to do. Well I have a book that maybe lots of first time moms have. Well I looked up some info in it about how much a baby is suppose to eat. And Ryken is eating exactly what it says. Maybe even less. SO he is just a big baby and thats what it is RIGHT? Oh and a funny thing happened when I was visiting my parents in Woodruff a couple of weeks ago too. It was Sunday and I went to church with my parents. And I had Ryken with me. After Relief Society a lady came up to me. She asked me...

" How old is he?"

"7 months old."

"Wow she says, and he is yours?"


"Does he have a big dad?"


" I can't believe that you have such a big baby."

Why I ask can normal sized people have bigger than average sized babies? My mom was with me when this all happened and she just had to laugh. I wonder what size our other babies will be. All I know is that I LOVE MY CHUNKY MONKEY! And if others want to tell me that he is a big baby. I will just respond with a smile on my face and say Yes I know. :)

Also I don't know if this makes me a bad mom or not. But I try to find toys that I think will keep Ryken entertained for a while so that I have time to do things that I need to do. So of course a couple of months ago we got him an exersaucer.
He had really like this which of course makes me LOVE IT. Sometimes he does get bored with it. I have no idea how since it has what seems like hundreds of things to play with on it. :) I had seen this other toy online and in adds before and wanted to get it for him. Well needless to say Toys R US had a sale this week and so we went to get it. I figured he would like it since it had a mirror on it for him to look at himself which he loves to do. Once we got it home and tried hit out.... He didn't like it so much. But after a few more times tryin it out. He likes it now. Which gives me a little time to do things for me too. :)
I am sure I will continue to keep my eyes open for more fun toys and things that I think will keep him busy for awhile. Does that make me a bad mom? I am sure that I could think of a few other things but this blog is already long enought. Sorry. :) I do know that I LOVE Ryken and just want him to be happy. :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ryken, NO!

The other night I was getting Ryken ready for bed. He was being really fussy on the floor so I decided to put him on the counter top by me while I made his bottle. Well while he was up there he found something that he wanted to check out....the bottle dryer. I kept telling him no and you can watch and see his reaction to that. I was trying not to laugh but it was so hard not to. I just hope that he doesn't continue to just laugh at me when I say no. What will I do then. :)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Weekend/SNOW!! :)

Since Justin was having to work extra hours this past weekend due to the Super Bowl, I decided that I didn't want to just sit around the whole weekend. So I called up my parents and asked if it was okay if I headed up there to visit them in Woodruff. My dad said of course but there was suppose to be a storm moving in on Sunday night. That was okay with me since I wasn't really planning on leaving on Sunday anyways. Well the storm came and Yep I got stuck! I didn't really expect it to be as bad as it was. The Rim got 2 feet of snow and so they closed it down. In Woodruff where my parents live there was about 6 to 7 inches. So I got to see snow that I haven't seen in a long time and Ryken got to see his FIRST SNOW! It was lots of fun to get him all bundled up and take some pics in the snow with him. Needless to say we did have fun and it was great to get to stay an extra day with my parents but we did miss Justin too. And then we were even lucky enough to hang out with some friends. Bri and Britt and Brooke and Ellee. We had tons of fun. And lots of laughs. I just wish we could have hung out more with them. But I had to be on the road before it got dark, orders of my dad. :)

He actually liked the snow when he got to sit in in. I just love that I actually got to put the hat to good use.

I can't say he felt the same way when I layed him down in it and it was falling on his face. :)

Here we are! Wishing Daddy was here with us to take some fun pics. (Excuse the no makeup I was being lazy while I was up there. ) :)

He loves his Grandpa and Grandma Baker! And had lot of fun with them. Thanks Mom and Dad!