Thursday, April 30, 2009

He makes me smile...

Ryken makes me smile... And I love it so much! He is so funny lately. He likes to get his blanket out and sits on the couch covering up his head. And when he is covered up he likes to say "where'd go?" (where did I go?)

Then when you ask where he went he gets all happy and whips the blanket off his head and gives you this big cheesy grin....

Oh man he can make me the happiest mom sometimes. : ) And lately I have been wondering if his little brother that is going to be here sooner than we know it is going to be as handsome as he is.... : )

I<3 you Mr. Ryken!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weekend in Woodruff...

We kinda decided last minute to make a trip up to visit my parents in Woodruff. Once Justin got off work on Saturday we packed up and were on our way. I didn't put Ryken down for a nap that day cause I was hoping that he would just sleep on the way up and then Justin could sleep too and me.... well I would drive. : ) But of course things never go as planned. Ryken had been pretty fussy that day and so I wasn't sure we should even go up. But Justin said we should cause he knew I wanted to go. So we went anyways and Ryken slept for about a total of maybe 45 mins! Not good. So we decided to put a movie on for him, and once he is watching that he never wants to close his eyes.

Here he is so into the movie. And he doesn't look so well either. Well as the trip went on I looked back at him and his eyes were all red and watering cause he was so tired and didn't want to sleep. And his cheeks were even more red then in the picture. He was burning up! So we gave him some Tylenol hoping it would help. Once we got to Woodruff he was still the same and in a grumpy mood. Needless to say he nor we got much sleep that night. Even Grandma woke up tryin to help out. We got him in a good mood around 4 that morning and then at 4:30 he decided he wanted to go to sleep. He was still running a fever for the next few days but that didn't stop him from wanting to be outside doing something. So we found some bubbles and he wanted to try and blow some himself.It was so funny watching him try to blow the bubbles, he even succeeded a few times. And even though he didn't want to eat any real food he did however take grandma up on her offer for some candy.His mouth was full of whopper eggs. And he enjoyed them so much we had to hide the bag. And as you can tell his face was a little blue after a few too. : ) He also found about 3 different flashlights of Grandpa's to play with. He loved them! He kept wanting someone to turn one on for him and would say "light" as he walked around shining it on anything and everything. We had a pretty good time while were there aside from the fact that Ryken wasn't feeling well at all. He still had a few moments that he was fun to be around. And we all got to relax a little and enjoy the cooler weather. Since Ryken hadn't gotten much sleep while we were there, he had several little cat naps on Justin and I. And he usually never will fall asleep on you unless he is dead tired. Which is what he was as you can tell in the picture. That was the only nice thing about him not feeling good was that he cuddled a little bit, and he never does that.

So thanks Mom and Dad for taking care of us and feeding us this past weekend. We had lots of fun. And sorry that Ryken wasn't feeling the best while we were there but the help you gave was the best. : ) LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We had a great Easter this year. We started our celebration a little early. We went to the Easter pageant with my family on Saturday night. It had been raining off and on that day. But thankfully it stopped raining and was just chilly that night while the pageant was going on. Then on Sunday we went to Church and were able to reflect on all that Christ has done for us, and the reason we celebrate Easter. We are so thankful for him and all that he has done for us. After Church we were able to head out to Queen Creek to have a great Easter lunch at my brother and sister in laws house. It was great getting to spend more time with family. And while we were there they set up a little Easter egg hunt for all the little kiddos. Ryken had so much fun looking for the eggs. His cousin Tucker helped him along the way to find some of the eggs. He was so happy to find some and he enjoyed the jellybeans inside the most I think. : )

Ryken with all of the stuff he got from the Easter Bunny. I think that the Easter bunny may have gone a little over board for him this year. oops! : )He was so excited about the egg in his basket, but really it was a jellybean not an egg. But we didn't tell him. : ) We just let him think it was an egg. HA HA! And of course he had to get cereal on his new Easter outfit, before church. Oh well. It got worse at church. He colored all over his sweater vest during Sacrament meeting. AAAGGH! Boys will be boys!Here he was after finding an egg under the lamp topper outside in the backyard. He had great fun. Thanks for all the fun at your house Jared and Lori! We hope everyone had a great Easter this year. And was able to take some time to think about Christ and all he has done for us. : )

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spelling his name...

We have had the letters of Ryken's name up on his wall since we decorated his room. Well in the past few months he would always point to them when he woke up from his naps or from waking up in the morning. So we started telling him the letters from his name when he pointed to them. Well I guess it has stuck with him. And now he tries to spell it himself. I got this video of him when he woke up from his nap the other afternoon. If you listen close you can hear him. And sorry about my annoying voice. : ) He doesn't pronounce the letters all the best but he does pretty darn good if you ask us. : )

Monday, April 6, 2009

Zoo trip...

On Friday Ryken and I got to make a little trip to the Phoenix Zoo with some of our friends, Kyla and Aeryn and Kelli and Mia. We had such a fun time, the weather was pretty nice and the company was great. : ) I hadn't been to the Phoenix zoo for like 6 years so it was fun to get to go and take my little guy to check out all the cool animals there. One thing that I didn't remember about the zoo was how many hills there were. And now having a stroller to push up those hills I think I may never forget them. : ) It was times like that when I was really wishing Justin was with us. But we made it thru the hills with out to many problems. : ) We got to see LOTS of different monkeys, An Elephant, Some lions, and a Tiger. And of course there was a few others along the way too. I really think that Ryken's favorite part was getting to the petting zoo. He liked checking out the goats there. I think he had one favorite one out of all of them, cause the goat just layed there so he could brush him and check him out.
But then another came along and he decided to give him a little hair brushing too.I think that Ryken and Mia enjoyed the goats a little more than Aeryn, but then again I think they all liked it cause they got to get out of the strollers and run around a little. : )

After we enjoyed some sitting time at the petting zoo we headed over to the "Little People" area to let them run around a little more. I was trying to get a picture of all of them together but failed to do it while playing here. But i was able to get a quick picture of Ryken and Mia riding the cow together. : )I have to say Ryken and I really enjoyed ourselves that day, getting to hang out with some friends and getting out of the house while it wasn't to hot. On the way out I was able to get picture of all 3 of the kiddos before we left. (Ryken was for sure out numbered by the girls this day. )And since I had failed to get a picture of Ryken and Aeryn in the little people area I got a little snap shot of the two of them on our drive home instead. Thanks again for the fun outing ladies. Hope we get to do it again sometime. And thanks Kyla for letting me use your free pass to get in. That made the trip even better that it was free for me. : )