Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's a...


Yep another little boy for us. We are really excited. I had a feeling that it was another boy but then again I also thought maybe a girl since I was sick this time around and not last time with Ryken. But after getting the ultrasound done there is no denying that it is for sure a little boy. :) I am still kinda worried about how Ryken will do once the little guy gets here. Cause he sure does like to be with and around me. So I am keeping my fingers crossed and maybe a few toes that by the time the baby is here he will be a little more in to being less of a momma's boy. We shall see. Either way like I said we are really excited. Now if it was just as easy this time around to pick out a name. We had already agreed on a boy name before we had Ryken and this time we had agreed on a girl name and can't agree on a boy one. So I hope we have something picked out by the time he gets here. If Justin would just like the names I share with him it would be alot easier. :) So here are a few little pics that were taken yesterday at the ultrasound...

Here is his little profile. I am wondering if maybe he will look a little like Justin. Since I guess everyone says that Ryken is pretty much all me. :)

His little skinny legs.Can you see how his little legs are crossed. That's what he was doing for most of the ultrasound so it was hard to get any kinda of picture of what we were looking for. Guess you can say he is a shy one. :)And here is a little 3D on of his smooshed face. With his arm and hands up by his head. I decided not to post his little boy parts. But we are sure that it is a boy we will just leave it at that for now. :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Week in review so far...

This week sure was a good one so far. But it had its moment where it went right down the drain for me. It got a little better so I am interested to see how the rest goes. :)

Got to hang out with my parents and a few of my brothers and their families. Even got to see and visit with my Aunt that was visiting my grandparents from Ohio. Its always fun to get together with my family when my parents are in town. Also Ryken attended Nursery and did good for the most part. But maybe that's cause I stayed for almost 40 mins till snack time and then I snuck out. :) But he did stay the rest of the time with no problem I am told. :)

Got my hair cut by my awesome neighbor/friend for what I guess will be the last time for awhile since she is moving away. :( But she did an awesome job like always and I am glad for that. And then that night I planned on meeting up with my old roommates/friends for dinner. Justin got home in time to stay and watch Ryken so I could go kid free and enjoy the time with "The B's". And we had a great time catching up.
Had a Dr appt for my monthly check up on the baby. Got to hear the little heart beat which always makes me smile. And gives me reassurance that things are going great so far. And a major plus that day was that my in-laws watched Ryken so that meant no screaming kid in the doctor's office with us. Also I got over to Old Navy to check out the clearance stuff and found 10 shirts for Ryken all for a total of 10 dollars. They were 97 cents each! What a STEAL!! OH and Justin stayed home that night and it was great to get to enjoy some down time with him just relaxing and watching some tv. :)
Ran errands around town with the company of my loving husband. But this is the night things took a little turn. Ryken had not been eating the best this day. So we kinda just figured it was cause he wasn't really hungry or just maybe wasn't feeling the best. Well I guess it was that he wasn't feeling the best. That night I was up at 2:30 with a very whiney little boy with a very DIRTY diaper that had gotten all over. (sorry there really isn't a nice way of putting that) Also to top it off he had a horrible diaper rash and was not in the mood to let me change the diaper. So it was no fun for either of us. I really was wishing that was the night Justin had stayed home. But we made it thru that and even got a little more sleep that night.
Got to meet up with some friends from my ward and hang out at the park while our little ones played around. Well I had to play with Ryken a little but also enjoyed just chatting with the ladies too. Also got to enjoy some down time while Ryken took a nap. Did this post on here and am keeping my fingers crossed tonight is better than last night. Maybe I should have gone to sleep earlier in case it is. Oh and I am now 18 weeks along! And getting bigger every day it seems. (excuse my veiny hands that is just gross!)
*Friday, Saturday and Sunday have yet to happen but I hope they are good days. :) I may head up to visit my parents and go to one of my wonderful friends baby shower, since Justin has to work all day Saturday and on Sunday too. So we shall see how it goes.
Oh and we also found out on Tuesday that we are got to schedule our next ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby. So hopefully the baby will cooperate and we will find out next Tuesday what the new baby Buchberger will be. :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's and some more...

Happy New Year to everyone, A little late I know. : ) This year we had some fun with family. Justin had to work which really was a bummer for me since that meant I didn't have anyone to kiss at midnight. But Ryken and I still had fun. We got invited to go out to my brother Jared's house to have some fun with some of my family and some of my sister-in-laws family (which is practically family anyways. ) I am glad I decided to go out there. We had a good time and Ryken was actually pretty well behaved which is a major surprise sometimes.

So we got to enjoy some wings and some great entertainment. Jared's family got a karaoke machine for Christmas so they decided to test it out with us all out there. My nephews and niece sure got into it and even a few others. Jared kept telling me I had to do it before I left. But of course every party has to have a party pooper and it was me this time. I was not about to embarrass myself. : ) But it was fun listening to everyone else show off their talents.

Ryken wanted to join Aunt Lori a few times I think. And she let him give it a try but i guess he was a little shy too. : ) But we all rocked out to a little NSYNC that night. :)

Here was a little bit of the crowd there for the night. I know a great picture right? The back of heads. But I was just surprised that Ryken was actually sitting with someone other than me. Like I said he was good that night. :) This is my little brother Deak and his fiance Emily! Such a cute couple they are. If you could only see their faces. :)

And the more of the post is the fact that Ryken has reached the great age of 18 months! Yes you know what that means for myself and Justin. NURSERY! His first week I went in with him the whole time to help out since one of the teachers was gone. And of course he did totally fine. So I could only hope he would do the same the next week.

Well can't say it went that way. Here he is all dressed up ready to go to church. Doesn't he look like he would be such a little angel for his parents and the teachers. Well not how it was. He lasted for MAYBE 15 mins after Justin dropped him off! Poor Sister Porter tried everything to get him to calm down. Nothing worked. So we are back at square one and are going to keep trying to do this nursery thing cause other wise mommy and daddy may just go crazy not being able to keep this kid still for the whole 3 hours of church. If not crazy then a little inactive. I just hope it can get better at some point. Please tell me it does! After a little nap that day after church daddy decided to be nice enough to go play outside with him and he had so much fun out there.

He usually never lets you put a hat on his head and keep it on. But he has found a new love for this Shrek beanie his grandpa got for him. : ) We tried to bundle him up a little since it was a little cold out. I just love how silly he looks with is bright green beanie and blue camo jacket. :) Oh he is my little love that's for sure!