Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baker Family Campout...

It was that time of year again for our Baker family camp out/reunion. We had a pretty good time even though not everyone was able to make it and we got up there a day after everyone else. I was pretty worried about how the boys would do sleeping. I had good reason to since Ryken doesn't sleep good anywhere other than at home. So of course we had issues with him and sleeping but Cy did good. He woke up the same as he does at home. During the day it was great. Ryken got to run around with his cousins and play in the great weather. And Cy was held by about everyone else except for myself and Justin. So we basically got a little brake from the kids in a way while we were there. : ) Now we are back in the heat of the valley and are wishing we could be back in the cool weather. It was great, we didn't even really get rained on while we were there it was just nice and cool. We even wore sweatshirts. (except for Justin cause he is Mr tough guy.) : ) Here are a few pics from our little weekend camping trip...

Justin modeling our new tent that we invested in since we could barely fit in our other tent last year with 3 of us. Now we have plenty of room. : )Ryken and Daddy by the warm camp fire. Cy and Ryken enjoying their morning milk. : ) Ryken testing out his new camp chair, he loved it cause it was just his size. Cy enjoying the nice fresh air.

Ryken taking his swings at the Pinata. Puzzle time with his cousins, it was so nice to have all the younger kids there for him to play with.It is hard to get Ryken to take naps when we aren't at home. He ended up falling asleep on Grandma he was so tired. : )Again, see I told you we didn't hold Cy much. My mom with Cy and I think they both enjoyed their time together. : ) We had lots of fun in the cool mountain air and I think we are already looking forward to next year and getting to spend that time with family again.

OH and since it is so darn hot down here in Phoenix, Justin thought that Ryken needed more of a "Summer" hair cut. SO he told me he wanted to buzz his hair like his. I went along with it...NEVER AGAIN! It is so short. And with Ryken's light hair it makes it look even shorter. Good thing we already got our family pictures. : )

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family Pictures...

We figured it was time to get some new family pictures taken since Cy has joined our family. : ) So got some done and they turned out pretty good considering everything, like our 2 year old that really didn't want to get his picture taken but the photographer got him to at least smile still. And our 6 week old that, well was the cute fussy baby that he always is. : ) And then there is a me that still feels like a frump, and Justin that had very little sleep that night and the night before but still smiled for the pictures. : )

See I told you he got him to smile, I just wished it was with his eyes open. : )

This was the best that we got, hey at least both of them have their eyes open and no one is screaming.

Ryken looking all handsome and adorable like he is... well sometimes. : )

Cy was awake the whole time and did pretty darn good. There was some pretty decent ones of him too. And he is still cute even without a real smile. ( and his hair is really starting to look red to me in certain lights.)

We are glad we got in there and got them done and now they are over with. Till next time. : )

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Already one month...

One month ago I was doing this...
Justin was doing this...

And we were now parents to another precious little boy...

a month later we have this adorable, lovable little Cy guy at home with us...

We still think that even though we get this alot...

But we also have some calmer moments when we get some cute funny faces like this...

And lets just say that his older brother is still smiling and really loves baby Cy...

We are all loving Cy and the smiles he brings to our faces. And we have pretty much forgotten what life was like without him. He is a hard one to forget. : ) And we can't wait to see what the next months and years will bring.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July fun...

We had some extended family fun for the 4th of July. Ryken, Cy and myself went to my uncle's house for a family bbq that they had put together. And I am so glad they did cause we had a great time.

Ryken got to go swimming, thanks to Deak, Emily and my dad that is. I didn't go and so they were nice enough to keep an eye on him for me. Thanks guys! ( hope you don't mind I posted your pictures. : ) )

And I got a break of my own since my mom was in town and she held and took care of Cy for most of the time I was there. So thanks for that too mom!

(I was never even got a chance to take a picture of Cy, so I had to stick in one that I had taken the day before. : ) )

Ryken again had a great time cause he got to hit something with a big stick. And what little boy doesn't love to hit stuff with sticks? : ) They had a pinata for the kids to break open.

But really one of the adults ended up breaking it open ( Wendi : ) ) But at least the kids all got a chance and had fun doing it.

He got lots of yummy candy out of the pinata too. He really liked the nerds. : ) And I loved getting to see Ryken play with some of his cousins.
Him and Cordd could have played with this marble toy for hours if we would have let them. We had such a great time that Ryken was out like a light on the way home.

I was so glad that I had brought his pajamas to put on him before we left. Thanks Uncle Randy and Aunt Patsy for inviting us to celebrate with all of you guys, it was great fun!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Guess who's 2?...

RYKEN is! I really can't believe that I am the mom of a 2 year old. Our little guy turned 2 on the 24th. (i know i am bad and haven't had a chance to blog bout it, so sue me. : ) ) I was pretty sad that we weren't going to be able to really have a party for him this year like we did last year but with our new little one and other family stuff going on it wasn't able to happen. So instead we just got together with our great friends Kameron,Gina, Porter and Anastyn Lee. It was all kinda last minute but we went to Jeepers for a little fun for the boys and some pizza too. And it turned out to be a pretty fun time.
Here is the happy little 2 year old! The daddy's took the boys on the little roller coaster there. Boy does that thing go faster than I expected. (us moms took the boys first,and laughed the whole time cause we weren't expecting it to be so fast. )

Ryken's face when he was on the roller coaster with me. : ) He really seemed to like it, I was kinda surprised. Ryken and Porter using a little team work to make some baskets and smash some silly spiders. : )And of course the big boys had to have a little fun too. They got to play on the little bumper cars while we watched and laughed along with them.

After we hung out there for a few hours we made our way over to Justin's parents house and had a little cake there and Ryken got to open a few presents too.

He was being shy when we sang to him, but he sure was excited to blow out the candle once we got done singing. : )

The next day we decided to do a little something at home for him too. It was just our little family of 4 that day. And he opened up more presents from us and also had some more cake.

Once again so happy for himself after he blew out the candle on his very plain but very yummy birthday cake at home. : ) We didn't really get to take a family picture that day but we got the second best thing... Justin and I each got our picture taken with 2 of the cutest little boys we know!

Ryken turned 2 and Cy was 2 weeks old that day. : ) Kind of a fun day!

We also got to spend some time up in Woodruff with Grandma and Grandpa Baker and had another birthday celebration up there for him too. So all in all I guess he had a pretty great birthday even if we didn't plan out an actual birthday party for him.