Saturday, October 31, 2009

2 trips to the pumpkin patch...

I wanted to take Ryken to a pumpkin patch last year but we never did, and so I was bound and determined to get there this year. :) And I think he had a pretty good time. We got to go once as a family and then a second time when Justin's sister was here with her little boys. We ended up just driving to Gilbert to go to the one there both times. And like I said before we had lots of fun.

Justin and Ryken being the silly cow and pig. :)Ryken got to feed the goats and cow and chickens. And boy did he LOVE it. Picking out his very own pumpkin to...

decorate with lots of fun stickers. :)Here he was with his final product. So proud and happy. All my boys trying to make it thru the hay bale maze. Ryken did pretty darn good everytime he went thru it too. Here are the boys with all the pumpkins to pick from. We got a pretty good one to take home and carve.Here was Ryken a few days later with his cousin Tristan. Posing on the tractor together. lol, Ryken wasn't to happy about doing this for some reason. But he finally got the courage to sit on it for the picture. :)Cy was able to borrow this cute little hat from his cousin. And when it was folded up like that it made him look like Gilligan, from Gilligan's Island. Maybe we should have dressed him up as him for Halloween. :)This second trip to the pumpkin patch Ryken was brave enough to get in the bounce house. He never has wanted to before but his cousin got brave and did it so Ryken decided to also. And he didn't want to get out once he was in. And of course we had to get a picture of him by the big pumpkin so we can see how much he grew when we get back next year to enjoy all the fun again. :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

5 years!

Another year has passed, and that means that he has stuck it out one more year with me. :) Justin may be pretty crazy for making it thru the past 5 years but I sure am glad he has stuck it out. And I still look forward to the many years ahead of us, and the many more anniversaries ahead too.

We were able to get a night away without the boys, thanks to the planning of my husband and with the help of my parents. It was a great little get away and a much needed one too. So thanks mom and dad again for taking great care of our little guys for us. And thanks to my hubby for being so sweet and thoughtful and planning the night away for us.

Still smiling after the 5 married years together + the over one year of dating. :) I LOVE you Justin, and always will. XOXOXO!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Have I told you lately how much I LOVE these 2?

Well if I haven't I LOVE them with all of my heart. :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

4 months old...

4 months and counting. Cy is still pretty much the same kind of baby as he was last month, with the screaming and crying part. But he still gets a few smiles in every so often. We also found out that he has a little bit of an acid reflux problem. So he has a little bit of a spit up problem which Ryken also had but Ryken never had a problem with keeping his weight up. So he is on some meds for that but not sure if they are helping out. We shall see what the doctor says at his check up in a few days. I am hoping she has good news with his weight gaining so that we don't have to do further testing. Keeping my fingers crossed. All I can say is that most days I feel like a brand new mom. I am dealing with new things when it comes to our little Cy guy that I never had to conquer with Ryken. I am just so glad he is so darn cute. That is what makes it worth every hour, minute and second that he cries. :)
My mister BIG eyes. :)Testing out the Bumbo for the first time. This is one of the things that he will actually sit in for more than a minute and not cry. :)Little brother, and Big brother. :)Tried to get a first bath together picture. :)Just my cute little Cy guy all bundled up.

Happy guy!4 months old!!