Saturday, March 31, 2012


December is another fun filled family month! We had something going on all the time it seemed like. So the month seem to fly by! We always have a get together with my family, Justin's family, my mom's family and my dad's family. So like I said there is always something going on. :)

We have always gone to the mall during Christmas time to get a picture with Santa. It started off with Justin and I and then when we had Ryken he got them taken then once Cy got here he joined in on the fun. :) Not sure he thought it was much fun though, but we got a good laugh out of it...

See, I told you it is a picture to give you a good laugh for sure. :)

Also hit the half way mark of this pregnancy. :)

Went to Woodruff for a weekend to have a Hatch Christmas party. The boys had lots of fun and we had some fun too..

Boys got to paint their very own car! Both of them had a great time, Cy was a cheeseball about it of course. :)

Then we all joined in on the fun and made our own family Gingerbread house.

Every year they have a Christmas light parade in Holbrook that usually falls on the weekend we are there for the Christmas party. This year was no different...but it was REALLY cold! They boys of course aren't really use to that weather so it wasn't the best time but we stuck it out.

Cy said it was cold the whole time...I agreed with him. I stuck it out in the car, and I think he ended up there with me too. :)

Some of the cousins and the boys trying to bundle up waiting for the parade to start.

When we were there the snow was still there on the ground from a storm that had come thru that week. So the boys got to play in it with their cousins...Well Ryken did, Cy wasn't a fan of the snow much. :) Surprise!! We did get a picture of him since it was his first time in the snow. Ryken had been in snow when he was about 6 months old. :)

Uncle Bo pulling Ryken and Cordd on the sled with the 4 wheeler. ALL the kids loved this! The sled was broken by the end and kept filling up with snow as they went around. But they still wanted to sit in it. :)

Cy and his first snowball. :)

All my parents Grandkids...all 15 of them and once our little one gets here 16!!

When we got together with my dad's family the boys got to be in their very first Christmas play, of The birth of Jesus.

Cy the Shepard

Ryken one of the Wise man.

Got to go to the Phoenix Zoo and see the Zoolights! Always a fun trip and have been doing it the past few years too!

We also got to have a little get together with Justin's parents and his sister and her family too. The boys had tons of fun getting to open up their gifts from their cousins and Grandma and Grandpa Buchberger.

Christmas morning at our house was great!! The boys were both good this year ( i guess) cause Santa decided to leave them both a bunch of fun presents!

Ryken with all his fun from Santa!

Cy even managed to get some fun stuff too! :)

We also now lived with Thor and Captain America. :)

It was great that Christmas fell on Sunday this year too. So we were able to go to church and reflect on the birth of our Savior! And remember what the real reason for Christmas is.

Me and my baby bump at 22 weeks (Christmas Day)

3 of the most handsome boys I know!! LOVE them!!